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One-on-one & Small Group Tutorials

AHEAD’s one-on-one and small-group tutorial programs ensure that students get undivided attention and care. Students are assigned tutors who match their personality and requirements. With the right support, children become all that they can possibly be. Children who do well in their studies are happy to be ahead, not just in school, but in life.

AHEAD’s one-on-one and small group tutorial programs are available for Math, Science, English, Chemistry, Accounting, Algebra, Arithmetic, Physics, and other subjects from Kinder to College.


Summer Advancement Program


In AHEAD’s Summer Advancement Program (SAP), students are given advanced lessons to prepare them for the next grade or year level. They learn techniques to accomplish schoolwork faster and more efficiently and to hone their test-taking skills for higher exam scores. The Summer Advancement Program covers at least the first quarter of the next school year’s curriculum.

Available for pre-school, grade school, high school, and college students!

Enrichment Programs

AHEAD’s Enrichment Programs are available all year round to help students excel in subject areas that may not be in their school curriculum.

Through these enrichment programs, learners gain a competitive advantage over their classmates. This translates to increased participation in class discussions and overall scholastic improvement.


Math Enrichment

Students acquire a better understanding of basic and advanced concepts and processes in numbers, sets, relations, and functions through this program.

Science enrichment

This program helps clarify essential scientific concepts and methods and includes mathematical problem-solving exercises on different science topics.

Practical math

This program enhances students’ math skills for everyday life. They are taught helpful strategies for solving math problems for daily application, allowing them to gain an appreciation for the practical uses of math.

Reading comprehension

With the objective of helping students enjoy what they read, this program enhances their analytical, creative, and imaginative thinking skills and trains them to focus on the reading task at hand. They are also taught techniques to unlock unfamiliar vocabulary within the context of the reading passage.

English grammar

This program aims to correct common grammatical errors for more effective oral and written communications. It includes exercises to help learners master essential grammar rules and standard usage.

Assistance in essay and paper writting

Students are equipped with effective strategies in writing coherent and interesting essays as well as technical and creative term papers. They are given tips on how to best meet the requirements and standards of each writing assignment. Their drafts are checked for grammar, punctuation, organization, and style.

Conversational skills

Learning is facilitated through small talk interspersed with comprehension questions and integrated instruction on pronunciation and grammar. Students apply learned basic skills in various topics of general interest.

Smart reading

Students are taught techniques to increase their reading speed and improve their comprehension for all areas of learning.

Mind mapping

Mind Mapping has been proven effective in boosting memory power and enhancing critical thinking, creativity, thought organization, and other mental abilities. It is a useful tool for learners of all ages.

Homeschool Support

Parents help the homeschooled child not only in academics, but also in acquiring desired values. However, when thinking of homeschooling your child, you should first be aware of the responsibility and commitment that will be required of you for your child to learn effectively. Here’s where AHEAD’s Homeschool Support program comes in. Children may not always respond positively to their parents while learning. Extra coaching is sometimes needed to revive their interest. A child may respond more positively to a different teacher with a different teaching style.

AHEAD offers center-based Homeschool Support tutorials for your child to perform better both academically and behaviorally. AHEAD’s teaching techniques not only focus on improving academic learning, but also concentrate on motivating a child who is simply not trying to learn. With AHEAD, you can try out alternative ways of learning and various educational options to help your child learn.

Review programs

  • College Entrance Exam
  • SAT and ACT Review
  • Junior High School Review
  • Senior Hign School Review
  • Law school Entrance Exam
  • National Medical Admission Test Review


  • English as a Second Language
  • TOEFL review
  • IELTS review
  • Business English Skills Training (BEST)
  • English Skills Training (EST)

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