She sees to it that you eat well, sleep tight, and look good. She worries herself sick when you get home late. She cancels all her appointments when you’re not feeling well and checks your assignments, no matter how busy she may be.

Yes, she can be all over you—texting or calling when you’re out with friends. She does all these not because she means to be rude. She just loves you so much that she can’t help but think of you, 24/7.

Now that it’s Mother’s Day, isn’t it time you turn the tables and take care of her for a change? Here are some things that you can do for your mom, all guaranteed to put a sweet smile on her face.

  • Whip up a yummy breakfast in bed for her.  It can be as simple as some buttered toast with coffee. What matters is that you, not the household help, did it for her.
  • Look her in the eye, smile, and tell her you love her.
  • Kiss or hug her when she wakes up.
  • Stay at home and spend the day with her. Your friends can wait—for now. Seeing you around the house all day will bring a sparkle to her eyes.
  • Obey her rules: Sleep early, eat your vegetables, make up your room, keep your voice low, etc.
  • Show her the wonders of technology. Teach her how to text, use the computer, open a Facebook account, etc. Show her photos that her relatives and friends have posted on Facebook.
  • Clean her room, make her bed, and spritz her favorite scent on the linens.
  • Give her a handwritten love letter.
  • Make her a card.
  • Tell her stories about your friends, school, crush, etc. She’ll appreciate your effort in letting her into your world.
  • Ask your brother or sister to do all these as well.

It takes so little to make a mom happy. After all, she’s not asking for anything in return for all the love and care she showers you each and every day.

So go ahead, make your mom’s day! Make her feel special. Remember, you only have one mother. Show her that she means the world to you!

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