AHEAD Professional Network (AHEADPro) is dedicated to the development of goal-driven, service-oriented professionals through skills enhancement programs and training seminars. Through these programs, professionals acquire the tools they need to be more competent in their work, realize their career goals, and go up the ladder of success.


AHEADPro Programs

Courses are centered on English communication, business correspondence, leadership, management, supervisory skills development, and customer service.

Leadership Strategies for School Managers (LESSM)
Teaching Strategies for Student Achievement (TESSA)
Business English Skills Training (BEST)
Review of English Grammar
Conversational English
English in Customer Service
Vocabulary Enhancement
Business Writing
Business Presentations
Call Center English Training (CCET)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Mastery of the English Language Certification (MELC)
Test Preparation Courses: IELTS, TOEFL, other tests
Internet-based Training

AHEADPro Online
Professionals around the globe can now access AHEADPro courses through its e-training platform.

Lifestyle & Writing Workshops
AHEADPro’s newest program features the most admired industry leaders and entrepreneurs, celebrities, and editors from the top magazines, broadsheet newspapers, and online publications sharing their views and experiences on living life right and writing about life for a living.

AHEADPro organizes E—ENGLISH to Networking Nights where trainees mingle and interact with revived confidence in speaking the global language.

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