The classroom of the future may not necessarily have rows and rows of tables of chairs. In fact, the classroom of the future may not be a classroom at all. As technology continues to transform almost every facet of education, from teaching methodology to assessment tools, seismic shifts are bound to happen in the teacher-student relationship. Here are but some of the noteworthy trends in the field of education.

Blended and online learning: As the digital transformation of education continues, it’s only a matter of time before online learning becomes a dominant player in the industry. As learning becomes a more personalized experience, online classrooms will become ever more important as these address gaps in student knowledge.

Collaboration beyond borders: The Internet has made the world a small place. As such, academicians may gain insights from the experiences of their colleagues halfway across the world. This is all well and good as such fresh perspectives may offer new ways to tackle age-old issues.

Student-driven learning: Data-driven insights will soon equip students with personalized learning and predictive analytics, allowing them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. By knowing their learning profile, students can identify goals on a daily basis and help shape their school experience. By having more control over their learning experience, it is hoped that students will be motivated to achieve more in school.

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