by Abigail S. Ong

A wise man once said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Indeed, planning is essential in every success story. For college-bound students, the season for college applications is fast approaching. And with all the possible choices in courses alone, not to mention the numerous universities offering them, deciding can prove to be nerve-wracking and zit-causing! So before you get weighed down by the pounding choices you have to make, take some time off to plan your direction.

Ahead Tutorial and Review Center, the country’s recognized leader in the review course industry, has very recently re-published “Planning Ahead,” a book profiling Metro Manila’s finest colleges and universities, with information on educational philosophy, school facilities, admission policies, schedules, and fees. It aims to inform all college-bound students with everything they need to know before applying to colleges, aiding them make the proper decisions. Readers are further guided with descriptions of different undergraduate programs, which provide an idea of what to expect from a particular course of study and the career opportunities that are available after graduation. Also included in the book are the tips on taking college entrance exams from AHEAD’s tried and tested review program.

For all students who are contemplating their college plans and future, “Planning Ahead” will truly prove to be useful. “Planning Ahead” is available in all National Bookstore branches and is definitely a wise buy—it will save you from one unnecessary stress so you can take on life as a prepared and confident individual!

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