How AHEAD Teachers are Chosen

Of all the available tutors and lecturers in various tutorial centers, as well as freelance and private tutors, how would one make sure these individuals are AHEAD in terms of quality, competence, and character? AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center assures that their teachers are not only highly trained and qualified, but are also ahead of the others. Here’s how AHEAD Teachers are chosen.

AHEAD tutors are current students or graduates of the top universities in the country.

All tutors hired in AHEAD are from the University of the Philippines (UP), Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) or De La Salle University (DLSU). This helps ensure that they have the sufficient educational background, and mental capacities needed to teach a wide variety of subjects and topics.

Applicants undergo a rigorous exam to assess their competence in becoming tutors.

AHEAD has a high standard in hiring tutors and lecturers because the company wants to ensure excellent quality for their services. Applicants are required to answer a test that assesses their current knowledge on the subjects that they might potentially be handling. Only those qualified enough are given the opportunity to proceed to the next screening process.

Lecturers for the reviews are honor students or among the top students of their batches.

Those hired to be lecturers for reviews on college entrance tests are high academic achievers who are both disciplined and knowledgeable in the topics they will be handling. This is one way to see how they have personally performed in their studies in order to evaluate if they are qualified to be lecturers.

They also take a test to evaluate if their teaching style is effective for children of all ages.

Of course mental qualifications are not the only ones needed to be an AHEAD tutor. The company also tests the character and teaching capacity of the applicants to make sure that they can effectively teach the students, provide academic assistance, and develop their various skills. It is highly important that tutors are able to communicate properly with the students, have the ability to adapt in various situations, and can match the learning style of their different tutees.

Students evaluate their tutors, and branch employees also monitor them.

In order to guarantee that the tutors and lecturers are capable of executing lessons well, their tutees are given the chance to evaluate them. This provides the tutors with insights into how they are doing and what other aspects they can improve on in order to better teach their students. Furthermore, the staff in AHEAD branches also observe and monitor the tutors’ performances during their actual sessions.

All these ensure that AHEAD tutors and lecturers are highly competent to teach and will provide nothing but excellent service to their clients. The success and progress of every tutoring session greatly depends on the tutor’s ability to communicate and effectively teach his/her students. With the high quality of tutors available in AHEAD, the only thing missing is their next student.

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