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Q. What makes AHEAD special?

As national boundaries are shattered by the digital realm, the world has become even smaller. For a person to succeed then, he must situate himself in the global perspective, and not merely the local one. Getting a good education has thus become more important than ever.

Our proven approach to supplementary educational services guarantees financial dividends for intelligent investors, making an AHEAD franchise a valuable investment. Equally important are the non-financial incentives in joining the education industry. We help children and adults realize their full potential. This is perhaps the greatest return on investment that our franchisees could hope for. Our franchisees realize their returns every day.

Q. How do I apply for a franchise?

Prepare the initial set of requirements which includes completion of the franchise information sheet, franchise application form, and submission of a letter of intent. A franchise orientation will be scheduled for the applicant. At this time, he will be given forms for a market study and a franchise suitability test. After those are submitted, evaluation of the franchise application will follow. A P20,000 non-refundable reservation fee is required.

Q. How is the franchise agreement closed?

The applicant submits Incorporation Papers and other documents as well as 30 percent of the Franchise Fee; the reservation fee is deducted upon payment of 30 percent of Franchise Fee. AHEAD releases the Certificate of Lease. An appointment is set for the signing of the Franchise Agreement; 40 percent of the Franchise Fee must be submitted at this time. Training of personnel and building of the Center follows. The remaining 30 percent of the Franchise Fee must be settled one week before opening.

Q. What is included in the AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center franchise package?

The franchise fee gives you the license to operate an AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center in a protected geographic territory. It also allows you to use and leverage AHEAD’s proven systems, name, brand awareness, logo, trademark, and educational materials to help grow your business.

The franchisee and/or his manager will undergo operations training for a specific period of time. Ahead will also help in the hiring and training of staff and tutors The franchisee will be provided the following:

• Franchise manual
• Center layout and design
• Initial marketing collaterals
• Calling cards and ID design
• Signage and design

The branch will be included in AHEAD’s official Web site and all other online marketing activities. This includes mention in AHEAD billboards, tarps, flyers, brochures, posters, and print ads.

Q. How are protected geographic territories defined?

A territory is generally defined as a geographic area encompassing a 15- to 25-minute drive time for parents. Territories are defined by geographic boundaries. Each territory has between 8,000 and 30,000 school-aged children. Territory size is determined using the following criteria.

• A Territory: 18,000 to 30,000 school-aged children
• B Territory: 8,000 to 18,000 school-aged children

Q. Do I need to be an educator to own an AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center?

Not really, however, it would definitely help if you have a strong background in sales, marketing, management, and education. You must also have excellent knowledge of the local market as well as a passionate desire to build a business that serves a vital need in the community. Because our License Agreement calls for a certified educator to oversee in-center instruction, you must hire individuals who will complement your strengths and skills.

Q. Does AHEAD have a location requirement?

The target location must be situated in a safe and clean environment, and accessible via public transportation. It must also be near schools and commercial establishments with ample provision for parking. In terms of dimension, the space should be at least 90 to 120 sqm. If you are only going to offer tutorials, then the space requirement is 40 to 60 sqm.

Q. Is there an ongoing royalty fee paid to AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center?

Yes, the royalty is 10 percent of gross revenues payable every month plus a market support fund of 2 percent.

Q. How many franchises does AHEAD have?

We have five franchises located in Alabang, Dagupan, Masagkay-Manila, Lipa-Batangas, and Baliuag-Bulacan.

Q. What is the average enrollment for a branch?

For tutorial, the number is a out 40 students a month. For review, you need at least 2 classes to gain ROI.

Q. What are your recommended franchise locations?

Ideally, your franchise should be situated near schools, churches, malls, or subdivisions where there are many children and where there are class A and B clientele.

Q. How long before I can see a return on investment?

To be on the safe side, give it two years. However, our franchisees have recovered their investment in one year.

Q. At what point can I gain the best revenue inflow for my new franchise?

It depends. Better to start on November when most school examinations take place. For a tutorial and review center, it is better to start before the beginning of summer review season.

Q. What support does AHEAD supply to its franchisees?

We will help you start up, learn the business, and achieve your goal of success. We will work closely with you to establish your Center in the right location. A comprehensive training program will help prepare you to administer educational programs, manage business operations, and grow your business. Throughout your relationship with Ahead, we will be available to address issues, answer questions, and solve problems.

Q. How will AHEAD help me market my Center?

Our national advertising is just one of the ways we help deliver the AHEAD name into every home in the Philippines. Professionally researched and produced advertisements, brochures, television and radio commercials, and direct mail campaigns will strengthen your local marketing efforts as well. What’s more, AHEAD continues to receive excellent publicity in widely read publications such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, and Philippine Star as well as television appearances by our respected president Rossana L. Llenado.

Q. Who will handle renovation of the Center?

The franchisee will handle it. Or the franchisee can give the amount for renovation to AHEAD and AHEAD will take care of the renovation.

Q. What are the other sources of revenue?

Our other source of revenue comes from our books, Commission from referral to review classes and Commission from accepting payments.

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