In this day and age, aggressive new viruses are coming in, like the Coronavirus from Mainland China. Due to these new diseases are coming in , there is an increased likelihood of us getting sick. With the start of the new year marking the start of a new grading period or a new year in the office, this means we must be careful. So, here are some ways in which we can avoid getting sick. After all, no one wants to start the year with an illness, am I right?

Wash Your Hands

Hand-washing is key to proper hygiene

The first thing we need to remember to avoid getting sick is to always wash our hands. We touch a lot of things, which means we come into contact with a lot of disease-causing germs. So, to keep germs away from our bodies, we must wash our hands after touching food, pets or anything that will stain our hands. Also, hand-washing is necessary after attending to our personal business in the CR. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Eat Well

Eating healthy keeps us from getting sick

Another thing we should remember to prevent illnesses is to eat healthy meals. This is because eating healthy allows our bodies to get the nutrients we need. Also, eating healthy provides us with the necessary vitamins we must have to boost our immune systems, just like vitamin C. So, feel free to snack on your favorite fruits and vegetables!

Only Take Antibiotics on a Doctor’s Advice

Antibiotics should only be taken when prescribed

However, if you do get sick, NEVER take antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription. This is because antibiotics don’t work on viruses like the coronavirus, the common cold, or the flu virus, for they are meant to kill infectious bacteria. Other than the fact that antibiotics are not meant to kill viruses, taking them when not prescribed will cause vulnerability to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is bad news. So, follow your doctor and avoid antibiotics unless prescribed.

If your doctor does prescribe antibiotics, please finish the entire course, even if you feel better, to prevent the surviving bacteria from developing antibiotic resistance. This is for your own safety, OK?

Get Vaccinated

Vaccination protects us from illnesses

Also, it is important to get yourself vaccinated to avoid illnesses. This is because vaccination is meant to develop immunity to sicknesses, without getting the actual illness. Think of it as target practice for the immune system, for armies engage in target practice to train the troops in using guns, without the need to sacrifice lives in battle. Trust me, getting contagious diseases like chickenpox is not fun.

Also, think of other people, for there are people who can’t be vaccinated due to immunity problems. They rely on us who can be vaccinated to protect them from these diseases. So, protect yourself and those around you by updating your vaccinations!

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep helps the body repair itself

Finally, it is important to remember to get enough sleep to protect yourself from getting sick. This is because the body uses sleep to recharge and repair itself, for our cells go through wear and tear as we go through our daily lives. This includes the immune system, for it needs to rest to protect us from microbes. Also, stress can weaken our resistance to illness, so do yourself a favor and get enough rest every night!

Preventing Illness is Merely the First Step to Healthy Living

However, we must always remember that keeping ourselves from getting sick is only a means to an end. This end is healthy living, for keeping healthy allows us to enjoy the time that the Supreme Being gave us to spend. Also, being sick ain’t fun. It may be fine for some, for they get to take time off when sick, but getting sick does not cause stress just for you, but for others as well, especially those with weaker immune systems. So, protect yourself and others by not getting sick and living healthy!

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