In this day and age, even if K-12 offers the promise of getting a good career even without college, studying in a prestigious college is still a good option. This is because college is much more than career preparation, for it is where your attitudes and beliefs will be formed. Also, you will indeed experience many opportunities to learn outside the classroom, like becoming part of many student organizations which will help you discover your vocation.

 However, before you can experience any of these, you have to get past the College Entrance Tests (CETS). Colleges and Universities use these to determine if students have what it takes to survive the rigor of college life, by measuring what they learned in Junior and Senior High. So, in this day and age, the question is: Is it still good to review for the CETs? The answer to this question is a resounding yes, and here are some reasons why.


Not all Junior-Senior High Schools are Equal

Different J/S High Schools focus on different things

First, it is important to review for the CETS because not all Junior-Senior High Schools are equal. Sure, their quality of education may be similar, but their curricula are different in scope.This is because Science High Schools are better at Math and Science than other higher basic education institutions. Also, different Senior High Schools focus on different tracks/strands, like some focus more on STEM, while others focus more on HUMSS. So, a good CET review can even the playing field, because the actual CETs don’t discriminate on what track you are, or even what High School you came from. You will all be graded the same way.


Some Topics Which are in the Exams are not Taught in School

Abstract Reasoning is not Taught in School

Another reason why you should review for the CETs is that there are topics present which were not taught to you in Junior or Senior High. For example, when I took the UPCAT and ACET, there were questions on Trigonometry and Arithmetic/Geometric Sequences/Series, which were topics which we would discuss in school after the CET season is done.

Also, Abstract and Logical Reasoning are competencies which are not tackled in the basic education curriculum. So, you, dear students, really need to learn these things in order to excel in the CETs. So, to compensate for the formal education system not covering these topics, you really need to review to survive the CETs.


Conditioning is Key

The actual exam is conducted under time pressure

Finally, it is very crucial to go through a formal review for the CETs because it also simulates the conditions of the CET. Leisurely reviewing on your own will not cut it, for these exams are taken under time pressure. Heck, there are some parts of the ACET that had to be finished in 5 minutes or less. So, a formal review will help because it simulates the entire atmosphere of CET-taking, which is crucial to ensure that you, dear students, will be able to keep calm regardless of pressure.


A Test-Based Review is Still the Best

In the end, even though a formal review is still the best way to prepare for the CETs, the best formal review is the test-based review, as pioneered by AHEAD. This is because you will only be reviewing topics which will really appear in the test, so you know you will only be equipped with the tools you really need. After all, it’s a bad idea to bring a rocket launcher to a close-range duel, so it is also a bad idea to review all you learned in basic education,when you only need to review what will appear. Just get what you need, and you will be OK!

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