AHEAD, commonly known as AHEAD Tutorial and Review, has been the leading and most awarded tutorial center in the Philippines. For the last 24 years (turning 25 this September!), we’ve been preparing students for the college entrance exams of UP, Ateneo, and La Salle. Also, we prepare graduating college students for professional school exams, like the Law Aptitude Exam and the NMAT.

But there’s a whole lot more to why AHEAD is the best. Here are some reasons why:

Our Pedagogy is Based on Research

We make sure that everything we teach our students is EXACTLY what they need.

What makes us ahead of the rest is that our pedagogy is based on research. In fact, all our review packages are TEST-BASED! This means that our reviews don’t take up everything students studied in High School. Instead, they only study what will likely appear in the test, based on what previous students have said. Thus, our review packages are all based on the competencies of the UPCAT, but with additional competencies pertaining to those in the ACET and DCAT. After all, other than these additional competencies, the ACET and DCAT test the same stuff as the UPCAT. Also, the review materials are structured after the actual tests, to ensure that students get exactly what they need.

All our teachers are HONOR graduates from the top three universities

That means all our teachers ooze maroon, blue, or green!

Since we in AHEAD want all our students to be future leaders, we want them to have the best educational services available. So, we only recruit our tutors from UP, Ateneo, and La Salle . Lecturers for the CET reviews, on the other hand, have to be honor graduates of said universities. They are the best of the best that the country has to offer, so dear parents, be assured that your children will not just excel in their exams, but they will be formed into the leaders of tomorrow!

Learning and Teaching for us is a Passion

And what better way to learn than from those who truly enjoy teaching?

Since our tutors and lecturers have experienced how education has changed their lives, they are passionate in what they do. Also, they are not only preparing their students for academics, or even CETs, but to become the leaders of the future, who can bring positive change to the nation, or even the world. What’s not to love about that?

We try to make every year different to give our students a more exciting and fun learning experience

Change is the only constant thing in life

Since the only constant in life is change, we always make sure that we read the signs of the times to make sure that our students’ learning experience matches their changing needs! After all, K-12 has changed their needs, so it’s only right to adjust to it.

We teach by doing

The best way to learn is to do

Learning is best done by doing, so we train our students for the entrance exams by making them accomplish practice tests based on the actual exams. The diagnostic exam allows us to see where they are at, and the simulated exam tests what they have learned. By the time our students have taken the actual entrance tests, they will be very familiar with them. After all, no one goes to war unprepared.

As the leading and most awarded tutorial in the Philippines, we are responsible for holding up the gold standard and remaining ahead of the rest. We intend to stay the best. After all, only the best teach in AHEAD. Choose to be AHEAD.

Edited, Updated and Revised by Daniel F.P. Del Rosario

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