AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, the leading review center in the Philippines, not only prepares its students for the college entrance tests (CET) by utilizing a test-based review, but by gauging where students are using a diagnostic test based on the actual tests, along with testing what they learned via a simulated exam. However, even if the simulated exam is not unique to AHEAD, there are many things that set it apart from the rest, especially in this new decade. After all, entrance exams change, so reviewing for them must also keep up. Here’s what you, dear students, can expect from AHEAD’s simulated exams for the 2020s.

The Simulated Exam Will Be More Test-Based

AHEAD’s Lecturers discussing teaching strategies

First, AHEAD’s simulated exams will indeed remain test-based, since they aim to simulate how the actual exam will go. However, they will be more test-based than ever before since there are now more new lecturers who have experienced the more recent test. Thus, the tips they will give you can better help you, dear students, to ace the updated CETs, especially in the era after K-12 was implemented, for the competition to enter the best universities is much more intense.

Also, AHEAD will no longer be offering separate ACET and DCAT reviews, since their competencies are essentially those of the UPCAT, but with the competencies unique to these tests. However, their simulated and diagnostic exams will still aim to replicate the actual ACET and DCAT. Thus, all of AHEAD’s simulated exams will be more test based.

The Actual Entrance Exam Atmosphere Will be Duplicated

The actual exam atmosphere will be duplicated

Next, AHEAD’s simulated exams will not only simulate how the CETs will look like, but the actual atmosphere as well. This is because AHEAD’s center staff and review assistants will create a lot of distractions, like banging of doors and outside chatter. Don’t worry, this is meant to simulate how the actual exams will go, since there will be proctors who do slam doors in the actual exams. After all, it is better that you be used to all these distractions now, rather than being distracted in the actual exams, which can, and will, lead to disaster.

Simulated Exam Discussions Will be Available

Lecturers will discuss the Simulated Exams so students can learn

Third,in AHEAD’s Plus, Premium, and PUSH packages, a discussion of the simulated exams will be included. This is to ensure that you, dear students, can see where you can improve on, or are weak at. For example, some of you may be good at Language Proficiency or Reading Comprehension, but weaker in Math, while others will be strong in Math or Science, but weak at Language Proficiency or Reading Comprehension. This is your second time to take the test, dear students, so even if the simulated exam is also meant to test what you have learned during the review, don’t worry if things don’t turn out that well.

After all, it’s better to commit your mistakes in the diagnostic and simulated exams, than in the actual CETs, for you still have the refresher course to learn from.

The Simulated Exams are Meant to Help You

In the end, the simulated exams are not only supposed to test what you will learn in the review, but they are meant to help you know where you stand in your CET preparation. After all, after going through any of AHEAD’s review packages, you will end up having taken the CETs several times when you take the actual exams. Thus, the simulated exams,will indeed help you by serving as dress rehearsals for the actual CETs, which is good since an excellent CET review is meant to serve as a rehearsal for the actual CETs, to make sure you not only pass them, but master them too!

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