Congrats again for acing the ACET, future Ateneans! In a previous article, we have shown you how you can thrive in Ateneo by sharing the wisdom of those who came before. Now, I’m sure that your next question is, What awaits me in Ateneo? Don’t fret, we are here to answer your questions, by showing you, future Ateneans, what to expect in Ateneo.

Amazing Facilities

Good ol’ MVP, home to many orgs

The first thing you will notice in Ateneo is that its facilities are amazing. In fact, there are many awesome study places. For example, the MVP building is not only a great place to buy books (as the home of the LS bookstore), but it can serve as your home inside the campus, since the student organizations have rooms in there. As a result, if you do join an organization, its room can be a space you can rest in during your stay. On the other hand, the Rizal Library is a great study place, since you can find all the books you need there. Hope you enjoy the facilities!

More Practical Core Curriculum

The new Core Curriculum has more practical subjects, but retains the same spirit

Another thing that you, future Ateneans, should expect when entering Ateneo is the new Core Curriculum. Unlike the core curriculum of my generation, the new curriculum has more practical subjects, like mandatory Spanish units for history majors (to make sure that future historians are not limited by language barriers). Also, the old Theology of Marriage (our 131) was modified to include vocation, since marriage is not for everyone. 5-year programs like BS Environmental Science have been cut down to 4 years as well.

However, despite the changes in the curriculum, it still has the same spirit, since Philosophy and Theology, the staples of any Catholic university,are still around. So, no matter the changes, the goal is the same, which is to ensure the whole person is educated.

Legendary Mentors


However, what makes the Ateneo curriculum awesome is not necessarily the courses themselves, but the professors who teach them. In my college years, I learned from Ambeth Ocampo that the problems that the nation experienced in history still plague us today, so we must stop letting them do so. Also, I learned that my Catholic faith is a 24/7 thing from Ray Aguas, who also teaches his non-Catholic students why Catholics think the way they do, in a relatable way. However, you can still learn from terror teachers, like academic survival skills, and how to be resilient. So, open your mind and get ready to learn from the best!

Doing Many New Things

Finally, the best thing that Ateneo can give you, future Ateneans, is the opportunity to do new things. By joining orgs, you get to do things that you thought you couldn’t do, just like how people like me discovered our passion to teach in student organizations. I was also able to sing in a choir,and we once sang for VP Leni Robredo. Also, you get to show school spirit by cheering for the Ateneo Blue Eagles. So, only you can limit your potential during your stay in Ateneo.

Learning is Not Only in the Classroom

In the end, many things await you in Ateneo, like legendary profs, orgs, and even watching UAAP games! However, the most important thing that awaits you in Ateneo is the learning. You will learn a great many things, not just in the classroom, but outside it as well. So, don’t fret, enjoy the ride, and you will have a lot of fun in Ateneo!

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