We may take skills like reading, writing, and logic for granted, but these skills are necessary to function in society.

These skills bring us to the idea of ‘unschooling,’ which is allowing students to control their learning. This idea is hardly new. We can trace it to John Holt in the 1970s and even further to the 18th-century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Unschooling has benefits because it allows students to pursue things that interest them instead of trying to be familiar with the information they might forget. The idea is to help students build their personalities.

However, we must consider the recent trend of unschooling brought about by the forced shutdown of schools.

While some push for progressiveness in school because they believe that the traditional educational system robs students of creativity, the idea diminishes the importance of ‘structure’ in schooling.

The documentary Unschooled, showed teens pursuing their passions in various fields like photography. These kids had problems with traditional schooling, like bullying or being uncomfortable in social situations, which is why they pursued unschooling. However, despite having relative success in their fields, one of them is revealed to have no mastery over mathematics.

Unschooled shows that unschooling isn’t for everyone

Unschooling can only be effective when the children are already informed of various fields and have necessary life skills like reading and writing. Unschooling allows them to make educated decisions on what disciplines to pursue and the problems that can arise from choosing such a path. Thus students with access to a good foundation will outclass those without in an unschooled setting.

Though children need to pursue their interests and develop their individuality, traditional schooling still presents us with important things for everyday members of society. Knowing how to write the alphabet, reading, and understanding simple arithmetic are essential skills for any career.

Sadly, traditional education was a result of the Industrial Revolution, which is why it has to be the same for every student, which means that some students will be left behind. Being left behind is tragic for grade school students because they are still learning the vital life skills they will need for the future.

There’s still hope, though.

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What if They are Ahead of Their Peers?

AHEAD helps achievers stay ahead

We can also help them stay AHEAD with our Achievers Tutorial Package! Even those who are in between can avail of our tutorials, to maintain their current  academic performance. In a nutshell, AHEAD has something for everyone, whether they are achievers, average students, or those who are behind.

So, if you find traditional schooling confining, you need not unschool because it teaches us the basic skills we need to succeed. You can go, instead, for any of our tutorial programs which can address your varying academic needs.

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