It can be difficult to study for college admission tests when applying to prestigious universities like UP, Ateneo, La Salle, and UST. These examinations have a reputation for being highly challenging and competitive. Here is the ultimate study guide for the UP, Ateneo, La Salle, and UST college admission exams to assist you in reaching your academic goals and objectives.

 1. Understand the Exam Format
Before diving into studying, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the exam format. The exam format varies depending on the university and degree program you’re applying to, so be sure to research the specific exam you’ll be taking. Knowing the format of the exam can help you allocate your study time appropriately and understand what to expect on test day.

 2. Focus on high-yield topics
Each college entrance exam covers a wide range of subjects, but not all topics are given equal weight. Focus on high-yield topics, which are subjects that have a higher likelihood of appearing on the exam. To determine which topics to prioritize, research the exam syllabus and look for areas that are consistently covered year after year.

 3. Develop a study plan
A study plan is essential for effective exam preparation. Create a schedule that outlines the subjects you need to study, the amount of time you’ll spend studying each day, and any practice tests you plan to take. Having a study plan ensures that you cover all necessary topics and helps you stay on track throughout the review process.

 4. Utilize review materials
There are numerous review materials available, including textbooks, study guides, and online resources. Choose materials that are relevant to the exam you’ll be taking and complement your learning style. Utilize review materials to supplement your classroom learning and deepen your understanding of complex concepts.

 5. Practice with mock exams
Taking practice exams is one of the best ways to prepare for the actual test. Practice exams help you get used to the exam format, time pressure, and types of questions that will be asked. They also help you identify areas where you need to improve on and give you a sense of how you’ll perform on test day.

6. Join a Review Center
Joining a review center like AHEAD is an excellent way to receive expert guidance and support from experienced instructors. AHEAD’s review programs are designed to cover all the subjects included in each exam, and our experienced instructors provide one-on-one coaching to help you improve your skills and knowledge. We also offer access to practice exams, simulations, and other materials to help you prepare for the actual exam day.

7. Stay Healthy
Taking care of your physical and mental health is critical to performing your best on exam day. Get enough rest, eat healthily, and exercise regularly to keep your mind and body in top shape. Avoid cramming or pulling all-nighters, as these can be detrimental to your exam performance.

Acing college entrance exams is crucial for getting admitted to your dream university. To prepare effectively, it’s important to understand the exam format, focus on high-yield topics, develop a study plan, utilize review materials, practice with mock exams, join a review center, and take care of your physical and mental health. AHEAD offers expert guidance and support to help you achieve your target scores and fulfill your dreams of attending your desired universities. Enroll now and start your journey toward a bright future. You may email us at or contact us at 0917-891-1187.

Author: Dannica Agustin
Edited and Proofread: Dannica Agustin & Lovely Lauron

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