Traditional or Online Tutorial Review which is more effective???

During, my elementary years, my loving mom decided to look for a home tutor for me. She asked her good friend who lives within our subdivision named “Tita” to teach and help me review my lessons during exams especially in Mathematics. Ordinarily, we allotted space and time for her in our home after my class. I’m just a little kid back then and my mind is filled with playing Nintendo and Lego with my small brother. Of course, I need to study my lessons to retain my honor ranking.  

Traditional Books
All the memories of my traditional tutoring and review sessions with my so called “teacher Tita” are still fresh in my mind. Those years were different. We only used pen and paper and Tita would write questions while I answered them with a pencil. Multiplication is so difficult to memorize from a cardboard. While in reading, it should be patiently repeated a couple of times or else a stick will be stamped on my hand as a reminder, that my answers should be correct all the time. Not like the newest online and best tutorial service in town, AHEAD Tutorial Review, that offers quality teaching and thinking tools for individuals and students to gain brighter knowledge and skills in education. They have their own techniques and ways to enrich the attention span of their students and help them learn well with their curriculum.

Powerful Images that enhanced memory skills

So, what are the major differences between traditional way and the modern tutorial online review? 

During the old ways, school books are the only materials that we used. My teacher Tita answered all my Math questionnaires, then, she explained slowly how it was done and how she derived the answers. She explained it step-by-step especially my Mathematics subject. For my English reading comprehension, she read it once then I’ll read it loud so she could hear. Afterwards, she also translates those English words to Filipino so I could easily understand.

Upon browsing online and searching for new form of tutorial and review services. I came across the name Ahead Tutorial & Review Center. It has a variety of tutorial programs that are suited for the needs of students and individuals. They have Quick Help, Study Aid, Achievers, Maintenance, College and Summer Advanced Program. So, its easier to review for exams, validate homeworks, excel in academic work and conquer failing grades. They have online platforms that help children answer their academic issues and concerns. AHEAD Online offers one-on-one reviews with expert tutors through their video-conferencing platform suitable for students that are far from review centers. Lessons are well-taught in the comfort of their own home.

Also, they have thinking tools and mapping techniques for brain-friendly concept that enhances the abilities and skills of their students.

I believe that Ahead Tutor and Review Online services is more effective in achieving educational success for your children. And, for people who wants to enter prestigious Universities in Manila, AHEAD Center offers review exams and can help you achieve your goals to study at your dream Universities. Say no more to traditional ways but rather be equipped with new advancement of teaching education in a fun and modern way.

If only AHEAD TUTOR and REVIEW CENTERS were established during my days, I would have loved studying Mathematics more than science. But, I’m grateful for my teacher Tita, she taught me well and helped me achieve my dreams and now I’m a Physical Therapist in a well-known government hospital for children in Manila.
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