It’s a new year, so for some students, its time to take the college entrance tests again, while for others, the school year is nearing its end. As a result, CET review season, which is normally during the summer, is coming closer every day! However, dear students, taking a CET review and practicing for the exams is merely mental preparation. Remember, that the human person is not only the mind, but the body and soul as well! So, here are three non-academic ways to prepare for the rigors of the college entrance tests!

Eat Well

Healthy and delicious meals feed the body, not just the mind

Since reviewing for the CETs is already feeding your mind, it is important to not forget to feed the body too! This is because even if the brain is a very important part of the body, it is still just one part. The human body is a complex network of systems which work together to keep us alive. Thus, a weak link in the system affects the whole person. So, one way of preparing for the entrance exams is to eat healthy. This is because being in poor health can compromise your preparations, for eating too much unhealthy meals can lead to serious problems. As a result, since a healthy mind also presupposes a healthy body, please do go for foods that will fuel your entire person!

Relax and Renew

Another important thing you need to do in order to prime up your body for the CETs is to get enough rest. This is because just like a machine, the human body can run out of energy. So, it is important to get enough sleep because our body needs sleep to regenerate and recharge. Due to this, please allow your body to recharge, just like how you charge your phones. It will be very difficult to excel in your CETs or academics without enough rest.

Be as calm as this Zen monk

However, relaxing your body is not enough, for you must also relax your mind. This is because you may be getting enough sleep, but you might be thinking too much about the future. So, what you can do is calm down, stay in the present, avoid overthinking about the CETs, and you will be able to be as relaxed as a Zen monk!

Pray/Have a Moment of Silence

Prayer is very important for priming up the soul

However, since a person is not merely made up of the body or mind, but the soul (our capacity to feel) as well, it is important to keep the soul nourished through prayer. So, what you can do is allot time in your day to connect with the Creator (whoever He is to you). This is because lifting all your problems to the Creator will help you let go and trust that everything will go well.

For non-believers, a moment of silence is also helpful because it can give you a break from your anxieties and thus, allow you to focus on your goals. It also gives you a breather from the hustle of the modern world. So, whether you are a theist or not, it is still important to allot a sacred time of your day to catch your breath.

CET Preparation is More Than Just Reviewing

Even though reviewing for the CETs is very important, it is only one crucial component of CET preparation, because it prepares you mentally. Remember, the human body is also comprised of body and soul, not just the mind, so you must also prepare these for the CETs as well. Therefore, it is a good idea to follow these non-academic methods of preparing for the CETs, so you can make sure your whole self is ready for the challenge!

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