Just because everyone’s on a lockdown doesn’t mean that learning has to stop. We’re pretty sure that the college entrance tests (CETs) will proceed as scheduled in September and October, and we’re pretty sure that you need to prepare for them, locked down or not.

The pioneer in online tutorial and review for college entrance exams, AHEAD is conducting a series of FREE online warm up classes for incoming Grade 12 students in Math, Science, and English to keep them mentally sharp for the CETs.

AHEAD’s online warm-up classes are free one-hour classes intended to help students keep up with their lessons, especially in Math, Science, and English, during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. However, these one-hour classes are also intended to prime students up for the review by helping them brush up on common review topics such as right angles, atomic theory and the different parts of speech.

Online warm-up classes are perfect for  students who wish to gain an early start in their CET review preparations. With classes officially opening last March 23, the online series has already helped over 800 students stay in tip-top shape mentally during the ECQ. With the CETs just around the corner, it’s important that you grab every opportunity available to prepare yourself.

With the lockdown set to be extended, it’s best to spend your time at home sharpening your problem solving, scientific knowledge, or language proficiency skills to name a few. By signing up for our online warm up classes, you’ll get to listen and learn from the finest lecturers around.

It’s never too early to prepare for the most important exams in your life! Online warm-up classes prepare you for your CET reviews. As the saying goes: “The early bird gets the worm” thus being prepared for your review will do wonders when you take your CETs, something definitely worth preparing early for. After all, it’s the one test that will change your life forever!

Here are testimonies from those who have taken the warm-up:

“The few hours spent attending the review session were definitely worth it. If possible, I’d definitely join another class again!”

“The warm-up review is very helpful especially to those who are going to take the college entrance exams.”

“The online warm up class is very helpful and accurate. It guides and motivates us to study some more. AHEAD’s really helped me in recalling the lessons I learned years ago. Thank you AHEAD for this opportunity!”

It is a must for young enthusiasts and learners to actually participate and join in such warm-up review sessions conducted by AHEAD. They conduct and teach lessons relative and/or included in the coverage of CETs. They deliberately teach their lessons, and have concise elaborations and exemplifications relative to the topics, and thus making the discussion understandable.

“I appreciate AHEAD for granting me the opportunity to learn once more in the midst of the quarantine and of course Teacher Jonathan for giving his time to teach us!”

The warm-up review gave me a good refresher of some topics tackled in the past. At the same time, I was able to learn some new lessons as well. It’s amazing how I am able to learn a lot more in an hour everyday.”

“Even if I am staying at home due to the EQC, I can still stay productive because of this warm-up review. I appreciate the efforts done by the AHEAD staff despite being in these circumstances they still manage to conduct these sessions just to make sure that we will be ready for the upcoming College Entrance Tests.”

It is useful and a great opportunity to learn more. Salute 😊”

Just like them, you can be ahead of the rest, for even if we’re under quarantine, learning must never stop. If you really want to learn, then there’s nothing that can stop you!

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