Students are about to face major adjustments on how learning will be in the new normal. While education service providers were forced to migrate online, many of our countrymen who are used to traditional face-to-face learning were left to wonder what the future of the education space would be like without classrooms and blackboards.

To address this major concern without missing a beat as restrictions will still be in place when the new school year starts, a new and innovative learning approach that has proven helpful to students in the United States will now be made available in the country by AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, the leading and most awarded educational service provider in the Philippines.


You can go for live or recorded classes

Popularly known as the BlendFlexlearning approach, this alternative teaching method allows students to conveniently move from LIVE face-to-face classes, recorded lessons or online sessions throughout the duration of a course, depending on what they find most effective for them. They can attend LIVE classes at the beginning and choose to finish the rest of the course or subject online with no penalty.

AHEAD, which has been offering online services since 2008, pivoted all its programs online due to measures put in place to ensure the public’s safety from the pandemic. The sudden transition was easily accepted by those familiar with its services.

Unfortunately, many Filipino students are still unfamiliar and unsure of online learning. AHEAD hence decided to incorporate the BlendFlex approach with its existing review and tutorial programs, offering flexible options that best fit the different learning styles of students ensuring that they still get the quality education they deserve. 


AHEAD brings its BlendFlex to the public with its Review Sampler

This mode requires students to take note of their own learning styles and schedule preferences. Once restrictions are eased, students can choose whether to join online review sessions or review for their upcoming entrance exams at the review centers. 

With its goals of continuously developing more innovative and advanced education systems, AHEAD has taken the initiative to replicate the successful results of the BlendFlex approach to the Philippines.


With HyFlex, it’s getting better all the time

Even if COVID-19 has drastically changed the world and the way we do things, it has also opened up new opportunities for innovation and creativity to keep moving forward. The situation has not only forced us to strategically adapt in the new normal but it also gave us an opportunity to make our new normal more efficient, inclusive, and progressive. As the leading name in the supplementary education industry, AHEAD continues to adapt to changes in education – its latest being the BlendFlex approach. 

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By Kimiko Sy

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