“Thank you very much for providing me with the best techniques a student can use for acing ACET.

I was really afraid at first considering that this is my first time to take an entrance exam. I was also reluctant at first to enroll in a review center because I already have a limited time so why make it more limited? However, I was convinced that CETs are only once in a lifetime, so a sacrifice is worth the time. Throughout every session, I had mixed emotions. I had to say no to my friend’s request to game/go out with them every now and then just so that I can attend my review sessions. Seeing their posts on social media having fun and living the teenage life made me a little bit envious of them sometimes. However, I am fully aware that this is the decision I made. I converted my jealousy into a positive thinking, “I sacrificed this much, so I have to make sure that I’ll pass.” I’ve been telling the same statement to myself every night until now. As time passes by, I had fun attending the sessions to the point that I look forward in attending every time. I didn’t study 24 hours before the exam and surprisingly, I was able to sleep. I wasn’t nervous at all before and after answering the exam. Lastly, when I answered the ACET, almost everything has been discussed/tackled that’s why I was really relaxed.

I would like AHEAD to know that I completely trusted their ways and techniques. Whether I pass my CETs or not, I have no regrets. I am merely thankful for being one of your students. I am certain that I won’t be able to do my best if I hadn’t changed my mind to enroll back then. That is why, I will surely recommend AHEAD to my friends and juniors who will be taking up CETs sooner or later. Thank you very much for helping me and the other AHEAD students to excel in their ACET. “

– Maxine Theresa

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Written By: Andrea Aquino, Dannica Agustin, Lovely Lauron

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