Cramming, a word that students are all too familiar with. After all, this word has become synonymous with a lot of output produced by students especially when midterms and finals are just around the corner.It is the act of trying to absorb as much knowledge from reviewing or accomplish a task at the shortest possible time, most often done on papers or exams due the next day or even mere hours before the deadline or time of the exam. It is a stressful endeavor to say the least, to accomplish as much with so little time and most students simply can’t keep up with the hectic deadlines and find themselves unable to accomplish anything at all and breakdown in stress.Here are some of the cramming stories of  students and the context behind them.

Cramming Due to Laziness

“As a history major, one is required to conduct research on one’s topic and other related works to it as early as possible so that one can read through these works and find a connection between them and the topic you wish to do as well as so that you can get to know your sources well. Apparently I fell asleep in class when they discussed that as I had to learn it the hard way during my Historiography class because I wasted precious time lazing about instead of going to the archives to actually see my sources and know whether or not my topic idea was actually feasible or not. It all came to a head when I consulted with my professor for the subject and got thoroughly grilled that one could mistake me as well-done two-day old steak when I left the conference room. Suffice to say, I suddenly got motivated to visit the library to check on my sources as well as change my research topic on the last minute so that it becomes feasible with the sources that I found.”


One of the great lessons I learned from this experience is that the best time to do your requirements is several days or even weeks before the actual deadline so that you can have room for revisions.

Cramming Due to Habit

“I don’t have an exact story to tell, quite frankly. Though I regularly do my homework and papers on the day of the submission itself. The final draft of my thesis was something I completed just a few hours before submission, actually.”


 Sometimes, it’s not laziness or circumstances that forces students to cram, but simply because they got used to it.  

Cramming Because They Thrive in It

“I work better kapag nakapile lahat into one big workjob. Kasi if I feel like I have a break in between, I start to get lazy.”


For some unique individuals, they cram because they thrive in cramming. Perhaps they work better under pressure and working under pressure allows one’s mind to open, allowing them to work with clarity and certainty in their actions.

Cramming Has Many Reasons

In conclusion, there are several reasons why students cram. Some do it because of laziness or poor time management, while others cram because they find that the pressure is helpful for them. Though their reasons may vary, it is certain that all students will cram at least once before they finish their studies.

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