These past few months have opened our eyes to acknowledge the most basic essentials of our daily lives – us and our health. The world recognizes the noble profession of our health workers who serve as front liners during this pandemic. While we all struggle to stay safe at the comfort of our homes, we witness how these modern day heroes work around the clock fighting for their patients, the difference between life and certain death.

Who would have thought that by deciding to become doctors, they would be risking their lives to save others?

These times show how critical their roles are in our nation. Without them, health tragedies and unexpected pandemics like these would leave us all helpless. No matter the social status, the doctor’s knowledge and skills would be considered invaluable because in their hands lie the continuance of priceless human lives.

Inspiring interviews from doctors in the frontlines share how this profession, behind the prestige of having a title on their name, has been a valued calling for them. No matter their fears and apprehensions, it would always be “duty above any matter.”[1]

Not everyone has this special calling and ability but we do owe our lives to those who have pursued this noble path.

In a Metro Style interview, one of the doctors shared that despite the grueling tasks  she has to make a tough decision to endure. She explains this to his young son “hoping that one day, he will understand and take comfort in knowing the value of helping people we don’t know or not related to and believe that the kindness we give boomerangs back to us.”[2]

Our frontlines have taken on a role that could not be done by just any profession and that is to be the second family of countless patients. This unexpected pandemic has shown how both their skills and dedication help keep us alive. Through their tireless sacrifice, they have given physical and emotional strength to the patients that look only to them for hope.

The World Will Continue to Need Heroes

Jose Rizal, our national hero, is also a physician

The current situation calls us to start preparing future heroes in this profession and to give back to the sacrifice of our real-life “Avengers”. Despite the sacrifice and hard work, nothing beats the fulfillment of knowing that you made a lifelong difference in a person’s life. The time these doctors spent to study the much needed knowledge and skills are made worth it not only with every life they impact, but saved.

Doctors are the reasons why families are reunited, given another the chance to live again and look to the future with hope.

Medicine is a noble profession

AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center recognizes the importance of this profession. This is why, in its own small way, AHEAD will continue to prepare the future heroes of the country by providing valuable training and education for aspiring health professionals.

AHEAD is here to help people achieve their dreams

To be a medical student, one must take, and pass,  the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) – an exam that determines an aspiring medical student’s capabilities to survive the rigors of medical school. This is the first determining exam a med student must take.

AHEAD paves the early journey of aspiring doctors by providing a quality and thorough review for the NMAT in preparation for their journey ahead.

Even after this lock-down, the future looks uncertain and unpredictable. However, one thing has been made certain and that is the importance of life.This pandemic reveals how the world will continue to need people who can step up and follow the footsteps of the countless heroes who gave their skills, sacrifice including their lives to save countless people. Yes. You too can pursue this honorable and life changing responsibility.

Message us to learn more about the profession and the NMAT.



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