Many students I know have an inclination to hate Math, well fear actually because they thought it is a hard subject to begin with. This fear of Math prevents them to enjoy the subject and since their mind is already closed to the fact that it is hard hence the hate. Ever notice why many avail of math tutorial?
At AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, there’s another fun way of learning Math beside their Math Enrichment and Practical Math. Introducing Yuxin or Singapore Math.

According to Wikipedia, Singapore math is a teaching method based on the national mathematics curriculum used for kindergarten through sixth grade in Singapore.
AHEAD’s Singapore Math program is unlike any other in the country as it allows students to work on the same test materials that top-performing students in Singapore are given. Its tutors are trained by a seasoned Singaporean teacher and trainer and have the capability to help students understand how problems are solved, providing them with effective techniques.

Yuxin takes learning and studying skills taken to the next level as YUXin’s Level Up advancement program equips your children with fantastic study habits and learning skills such as Mind Mapping and Speed Reading to help give them happier times and higher grades.
AHEAD’s Singapore Math program uses a progressive and learner-adaptive approach. Students with lower math proficiency are given the opportunity to go back to concepts and skills that they were not able to master in school. Higher-performing students can advance from one level to the next, and maximize their fullest potential. Sessions are focused on helping students build on their quantitative and computational abilities through constant practice with their one-one approach          in the following available hours – 5, 20, 40 and 60 hours.

Here are some of reasons why Yuxin at AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center is the best:
YUXIN also supports the K to 12 by supporting them on focusing on their school homeworks.This is also a great choice for parents who don’t want to waste their money and their effort but will have a great impact to their kids .
YUXIN also offers review programs for the students for their school or college entrance exam. They also help student that are participating in Math Olympiad or National Quiz Bees

With their intense passion for learning and excellence, YUXIN is set to be choice of parents, students and other organizations. YUXIN will not only set standard. It will be the standard.
YUXIN envision a better-educated citizenry through a network of tutorial and advancement centers, whose services are affordable, accessible, and of high quality.
YUXIN mission is to establish and maintain a tutorial of advancement centers through implementation of the franchising system.
YUXIN core values emphasize friendly, fun and fantastic learning.

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