Are you interested in preparing online for language proficiency, reading comprehension, essay writing, and mathematics? Are you also interested in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and applying for universities abroad? Then you can try out Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice, which is in collaboration with College Board, the non-profit academic organization that administers the SATs. The practice questions will also be very useful for studying for language proficiency, reading comprehension, essay writing and mathematics portions of the College Entrance Tests (CETs). Furthermore, AHEAD also offers SAT and ACT reviews for interested prospective students. With that, you can check out this review of the Khan Academy and College Board collaborative program.

Website Features

When you create your Khan Academy and College Board accounts for this website, you will be given your own dashboard. You can look at your various test scores, your skill levels and at information about the general college admissions process, which is mostly applicable for universities in the United States. You will also be able to access pages where you can do practice questions, learn about tips and strategies, do simulated examinations and full tests online with time limits and conditions, and review past examinations and answers. With regard to the special features, the website also allows you to design your own practice schedule, learn at your own pace and measure your levels. With that, you can get features that are interactive and customizable for you.

Subject Coverage and Lessons

With regard to the subject coverage and lessons offered by Khan Academy and College Board, there are several topics and lessons that will be very useful when you do practice questions. You can also watch lecture videos that will help you understand topics better. In the Practice portion, you get to test yourself with both easy and difficult example questions. In the Tips and Strategies page, you can also get information about the test content and format, general strategies, and reading, writing, and mathematics strategies on various lessons and topics. Teachers and tutors, on the other hand, can also get lesson plans and teaching strategies for teaching Reading & Writing or Mathematics.

For instance, with regard to reading comprehension, you get to read science, literature, history and social sciences excerpts. In terms of writing, you will be guided about argumentative, informative and narrative essays and writing. With regard to grammar and proficiency, you will be able to encounter a very wide variety of topics from punctuation to subject-verb agreement. As for mathematics, you get to encounter topics in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, problem-solving, data analysis, and other forms of advanced mathematics. The topics and explanation videos offered by Khan Academy will be very useful when you study the different topics needed for the entrance examinations. Lastly, you can receive tips regarding essay writing and be given good sample essays that will help develop your writing.

Based on our review of the website, we can see that it is very comprehensive and useful to students and teachers alike, especially when it comes to preparations for examinations. AHEAD aims to give its students the best when it comes to reviewing and studying for their college entrance tests.

Since we also offer SAT review classes, and classes for examinations, such as TOEFL and IELTS, we believe that our students can also do their best in international opportunities. As the most awarded pioneer in the tutorial industry, we offer some of the country’s best classes and tutorials for local and international examinations. Aside from studying online, you can also get the best help you can get from our teachers who are among the brightest and most qualified. With that, we believe that our students can shine and do their best in their endeavors.

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