The threat of COVID-19 has practically shut down outside life for the time being. It even managed to speed up summer vacation, for better or worse. However, College Entrance Tests never EVER get suspended, not even super-typhoons stop them, meaning the show must go on!

As a result, we in AHEAD are now offering all our review packages, from the UPCAT to Premium, online! So you, dear students, can review for the UPCAT, ACET, DCAT, and USTET from the safety and comfort of your own home! Here’s what awaits you when you take our online review!

Test-Based Learning

Sure, other review centers may be offering their reviews online, but what makes our online review unique is that it retains the test-based approach that people have come to associate with AHEAD over the past 25 years. The well-researched materials will remain, and the things you will be learning in the review are still those that are likely to appear in the actual exams. So, in terms of learning, there is no difference between our usual center-based review and the online review, for you can still choose the UPCAT, Package, Plus, Premium, and Push packages.

Expert Teachers

We have the best teachers

Another thing that sets our review apart from the rest is that we have expert teachers, just like in the center-based reviews. Our online lecturers still undergo the same rigorous screening as those who teach in our centers. They are all graduates of UP, Ateneo, and La Salle with honors. In fact, many of them are also those who teach in our centers. This shows the versatility of our tutors and lecturers, since they are very flexible. After all, being young adults themselves, they are used to educational technology!

Diagnostic and Simulated Exams

Another feature of our online entrance exam review is our diagnostic and simulated exams. They are based on the actual entrance exams, just like our pencil-and-paper diagnostic and simulated tests. So, you can be assured that you will be getting enough practice for your entrance tests, time pressure and all.

The only difference is that these tests will be taken online, but other than that, you need only have the same expectations as the actual exams.

Our Online Reviews can Reach More Areas

Our review programs can now be accessed anywhere, as long as there is internet

However, even if our online review is almost identical to our center-based review, it is more accessible because it is available anywhere with an internet connection. So, dear students from Visayas and Mindanao, you can now experience what makes AHEAD ahead without having to travel all the way to Luzon!

Another perk of our online review is that it could possibly reach Filipino communities outside the country. So, children of Overseas Filipinos, especially those residing in the Middle East,  who want to study here may be able to take our review and experience the uniqueness of our packages.

For those who wish to teach in AHEAD, but are residents of Visayas and Mindanao, you can still teach for us because all you need for the online review is an internet connection and a good computer (with a webcam). We will provide you the materials, and you can help form future leaders at the comfort of your home!
Thus, our online reviews can reach more people, especially those living far away from an AHEAD franchise!

Online Reviews Present New Opportunities

The enhanced community quarantine caused by COVID-19 may have shut down regular classes and tutorials, but where there is adversity, there is opportunity! Our online reviews contain the same things that set our center-based reviews apart, but with a wider reach! So, online reviews are not merely contingencies, but are the future of learning!

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