There’s an old adage that goes, “Books and papers don’t bring a student down. It’s the fear of failing that does.”

And the fear of failure often comes from the lack of confidence.

Seeing how students struggle to study in these unusual times, AHEAD’s president Rossana Llenado decided to make the supplementary classes available to reviewees enrolled in the other review programs and those who simply want to work on their weaknesses as well!

Though originally intended to be part of the Premium and Push review programs, students enrolled in other programs, including those who are not AHEAD reviewees, may now enroll in a supplementary class of their choice. Supplementary class subjects include the three hardest subjects tackled in CETs – Physics, Trigonometry, and Language Proficiency. 

Why Supplementary Classes?

“Our supplementary classes are really meant to help our Premium and Push students improve on some subjects,” Llenado says. “However, we saw the lack of motivation due to the lockdown coupled with and the lack of opportunities for online learning. Such classes have a big effect on students’ confidence especially when taking something as crucial as the CETs.”

When asked what made her choose those three specific subjects, Rossana responds with a shrug.

“Language Proficiency covers both Filipino and English.” she points out. “And one of the biggest pitfalls for any UPCAT exam taker is the Filipino segment. And considering how many individuals still struggle with understanding formal Filipino, we thought that this can help build our students’ confidence. Trigonometry and Physics on the other hand involves computation,” she laughs. “These are math-related subjects. Anything that’s related to math is either dreaded or ignored. We don’t want them to feel either for the three subjects.”

Student Testimonies

The online supplementary classes (first batch) began last April 6 and ended on April 8, 2020. The three-day session brought in a total of 120 students. Here are what two of the attendees had to say:

(It was) very good! Lessons were explained thoroughly (and) efficient examples were provided.


AHEAD provides nothing but the best. They make online review classes very productive. They also teach techniques that are very useful, especially in Math.


Should you wish to attend the next batch of classes, or should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0917-891-1187 or email Or, you can also message us through our FB page.

What are You Waiting For?

Learning Continues…With the Power of Technology

We know that you want your kids to rest since school year just ended. But hey, there should also be a balance. The lack of stimulation may also not be helping them. It’ll expose them to anxiety issues which may affect their performance in the college entrance exams. But, there is something you can do to get around these problems, and it is taking our online supplementary classes!

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