Quick! What do the SHS Entrance Tests and a giant sea monster have in common? 

Answer: If you’re unprepared, they’ll both eat you alive.

Will the Senior High School (SHS) Entrance Tests be postponed? With the covid-19 quarantine in place, maybe. Will they be cancelled? Not likely, no.  So, you better shape up and prepare, my friend. This is your future we’re talking about, after all.

Fortunately, with AHEAD Tutorial and Review, you won’t have to face the dreaded SHS Entrance Tests alone. With our help, you can review for the ASHAPE, DSHAPE, and USTET without leaving your house!

Check out what how our SHS review can help you slay the beast, er, test:

Test-Based Review Materials

AHEAD’s signature test-based approach is powerful enough on its own. Add materials based on the actual ASHAPE and DSHAPE into the equation, and you’ve got the closest thing possible to the real thing.

This means you’ll be able to figure out efficient ways to answer the exam. It’ll also make you more familiar with the format, and since knowing what to expect builds confidence, taking the actual test won’t be so scary anymore.

The best part? AHEAD’s SHS entrance test review is 100% online, so you can do all this from home!

Expert Teachers

At AHEAD, we make sure you learn only from the best. But hey, our lecturers aren’t just well-versed in scientific and quantitative theories, verbal aptitude, and logical reasoning. They relate extremely well to our students too!

Hardly surprising since these older Millennials and Gen Z’ers are young enough to remember what it’s like to dread your entrance exams….and are handy with online learning technology to boot.

Prepare for the SHS Entrance Tests From ANYWHERE

Where were you when the ECQ was announced? 

Never mind, it doesn’t matter.

As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, you can join AHEAD’s online SHS entrance test review. No need to risk your life and limb just to venture out to a tutorial center. Simply boot up your computer and webcam, connect to the internet, and get started.

(Don’t forget to dress properly, okay? You wouldn’t show up to class looking like you just rolled out of bed, right? Let’s maintain some standards, people.) 

Worried About a Particular Subject? Try Our Supplementary Classes Too!

Is Math kicking your butt? Science giving you a headache? English leaving you all tongue-tied?

Well, guess what? Our online SHS entrance test reviews can include online supplementary classes to help you brush up on a specific subject. Lockdown or no lockdown, we’ll make sure you won’t get left behind. 

Preparing for Life After ECQ

The ECQ’s been hard on all students, but roadblocks and opportunities can go hand in hand. Online learning is here to stay, and with AHEAD, you’ll always be prepared for whatever the future of your education holds.

John Carlo F. Pagsolingan

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