Since it was founded in 1995, AHEAD’s tutors and lecturers in all its branches do their best, not only to teach students, but to form future leaders by training them to be responsible global citizens. AHEAD’s teachers go through rigorous exams and teaching demos to ensure that they have what it takes to train future leaders.

Dave Go is one such teacher. He has two Bachelor’s degrees, one in History, and the other, in Diplomacy and International Relations, from the Ateneo de Manila University where he graduated with Honorable Mention honors.

Dave’s AHEAD Journey

After graduating, his passion for teaching and helping others made Dave decide to pursue a career as a teacher in AHEAD.

“I applied as a tutor and lecturer in AHEAD because I was drawn by the company’s reputation, and because I am passionate about helping others through education,” Dave recalls.

However, Dave did not settle for being simply a tutor and lecturer. He also applied to be a writer (and occasional translator) for the company.

“My friend and fellow history major recommended that I apply for a writer position since he saw that I could help the company reach more people with my language skills,” he continues. As a writer, he was able to help the company using his competencies.

Dave is not only a history and diplomacy student, but an accomplished polyglot as well, speaking up to 17 languages. Currently, he is finishing a Master’s Degree in Linguistics at UP Diliman. Thus, he not only teaches well,  but he also uses his translation skills to help AHEAD expand worldwide.

He translated different materials and brochures for AHEAD’s tie-ups with Chinese companies. As a result, he helped AHEAD pursue its advocacy of forming worldwide leaders by bridging the language gap between nationalities, in this case, Chinese investors. The opportunity to bridge the racial divide is something that makes him proud.

Dave also channels his passion for helping others by tutoring students from different backgrounds. And there is one student who touched Dave’s heart the most. She was very mischievous, but Dave won her over through his patience.

“She said that she would miss me during our last session,” Dave proudly says. “She asked if I would teach her again, and I said I hope so.” Dave also recalls that she gave him a big hug before they parted ways.

This teacher-student bond is something Dave would not exchange for all the money in the world. “I care more about the students’ passion and leadership potential more than financial gain,” he says.

Dave’s Advocacies and Advice

Dave explains that AHEAD reminds him of the cultural and religious student organizations he joined in college which played a major role in molding him into who he is today.

He also notes how AHEAD cares for its staff by giving them a sense of belongingness and helping them have fun through company parties, team lunches, and other events.

“We should not just focus on our jobs, but on developing camaraderie and love for one another,” Dave says.

This environment allows him to pursue his graduate studies while teaching and writing. His long-term goal is a career in the academe where he can teach, research and write. In his career,  Dave lives out his belief that education is the key in becoming a leader of tomorrow.

Thus, he advises students to “persevere, work smart, and make this world a better place.”

For his fellow tutors and lecturers, Dave has this to say, “must care for the students, nurture their potentials, have faith in themselves, and promote lifelong, meaningful learning.”

No wonder his loved ones have high hopes for Dave. He has what it takes to make a difference.

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