Technology has evolved in so many ways, to the extent that kids have many new avenues to explore.Also, we are now more aware that different kids have different learning styles that fit their personality and learning abilities.

Here are some modes of learning that older generations find somewhat counterproductive or downright not right, but are actually proving to be just right for the modern students.

“Stop spending all of your time on YouTube.”

Sure, YouTube is a great distraction. There are tons of content out there that may be classified as purely for entertainment only. This is probably why millions of both kids and adults spend hours on the platform. This is where the main problem arises. YouTube has been labeled as just an app for entertainment that people sometimes forget that you can search for educational videos here as well. There are a lot of educational content here for students of all ages and most of the time, some kids prefer to watch YouTube tutorials than read about subjects in books. So next time your child is having a hard time with a certain subject, there could be a video on  YouTube that can help.

“This child is too young for a digital device.”

Digital device is a very broad term. For safety purposes, it would be wise to supervise children’s device usage to monitor what they do. However, outright banning the use of devices may not be the smartest thing nowadays. There have been cases that very young kids get to learn things they normally would not learn yet due to games or programs that can be freely downloaded into any tablet. Imagine a 4-year-old learning about different polygons such as octagons and decagons. As with everything else, balance is everything.

NOTE: However, toddlers below 3 years old should not be exposed to digital devices, since they have to develop their social skills. Also, the toddler years are crucial for brain development.

“You won’t be able to concentrate when you study with friends.”

There are really times wherein students ask permission to do a “group study” and end up just fooling around. This has been done for generations and as parents, most likely you have done this at least once. However, there are really times wherein group studies are needed. Sometimes, peers explain things better than any kind of parent or teacher since they “speak” the same language. This basically means that they can explain things in a way that other students their age can relate best to. Also, students tend to learn better when they are learning from those from their context.

Learning Constantly Evolves

These are only a few examples but this goes to show that education is continually evolving and some of the old preconceived notions are outdated. Another notion that has been quashed is that tutorials are only for struggling students.

Now, students take on more responsibilities on top of their academic load including sports and advocacies. To help them stay ahead of the rest, AHEAD Tutorial and Review provides 1-on-1 tutorial sessions that can be scheduled depending on the availability of the student. AHEAD’s tutors will also check which learning style will work best for each student so as to maximize learning. Also, AHEAD Tutors are young and dynamic, so you, dear parents, can be sure that they can relate well with their students.

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