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Just recently members of the media had an interesting interaction and “learning experience” over a sumptuous Japanese lunch with a lovely and lively personality with the name Rossana Ladaga Llenado. Discussed mainly was the AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, which provides academic tutorials for students from grade school to college.



(Still to be taken this year are ACET (Sept. 21-22), Online UPCAT review (exams will be on Oct. 5-6), the first of its kind in the country, and DCAT (Oct. 13-20).



But who is Rossana Ladaga Llenado?



She is the brainy lady behind the very successful tutorial and review center aptly and providently  called AHEAD. After 24 years since its founding, AHEAD has certainly got on the way ahead! And this is due to Ms. Llenado’s keen vision and leadership.



In 1995, when she established AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, Rossana was a 26-year-old student leader from the University of the Philippines. Interestingly, she managed AHEAD as a full-fledged business enterprise and not as a home-based sideline as others would have envisioned it.



Its success was blueprinted since the start. For one, it gave students the opportunity to be achievers and winners while still in school. For another, it pioneered the top colleges’ entrance exams review programs.



AHEAD was the first to offer test-based reviews for the country’s most competitive admissions, namely the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT), the Ateneo College Admission Test (ACET) and the De La Salle University College Admission Test (DCAT). Indeed, AHEAD set the model for supplementary education in the Philippines.



According to Ms. Llenado, in order to better prepare students for the exams “we ensured that all review programs were patterned after the actual tests of UP, Ateneo and De La Salle. The materials are well-researched and updated every year.”



She added that in AHEAD, “students are placed under the guidance and supervision of a team of lecturers who were all honor graduates from the three universities. Tutors were also made available to students from all educational levels. Offered were kinder to college tutorial sessions for all subjects – from exclusive one-on-one sessions to small groups according to the students’ preference. This way, the students were well in tandem with tutors who match their learning style, personality and academic requirements…”



With AHEAD’s learning programs, students were not only prepared for academic excellence, but they also came to embrace their roles as future leaders of the global community, Ms. Llenado added.



For its commitment and dedication to its task, AHEAD became in no time the leading and most awarded tutorial review center in the Philippines. Until today, it continues to make a real difference in the lives of students, professionals and its partner organizations.



By the way, the tutorial programs and subjects for all levels at AHEAD include Singapore Math, Practical Math, Advance Math, Science, Reading Comprehension, Assistance in Essay and Paper Writing, Grammar Enhancement, Conversational Skills, Speed Reading and Mind Mapping.



For inquiries, call AHEAD: 920-2900 or 0917-845-8082; or email rll@ahead.edu.ph.


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