In this day and age, online learning is a necessity because of the need for social distancing. However, online learning, especially in the Philippines, has its downsides, with poor connectivity and access to equipment as the main culprits . Despite these, online learning still has its perks as it allows us to learn in the safety of our homes.

So, why not mix them both?

One might think that integrating online learning and the traditional classroom is impossible. It’s not. Well, in the US, that is. 

In 2006, San Francisco State University’s Brian Beatty invented HyFlex (Hybrid-Flexibility), which expertly puts these two together. One of the institutions that use HyFlex is the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, which allows its students to either take online courses or learn in the traditional classroom. Ohio State University’s HyFlex, on the other hand, allows students to switch from online learning to in-campus classes everyday. Central Georgia Technical College not only offers easy switching between the two modes, but offers pre-recorded lectures as well, so students can keep up!

HyFlex may have been created for college courses, but AHEAD, the leading and most awarded tutorial and review center in the Philippines, is taking it one step further by applying it to all our programs as a response to these unusual times.

AHEAD Implements Online Programs

Our programs have gone online!

We first offered online programs in 2008, but starting last March, we pivoted all our other programs online. As digital natives, our students were able to easily adapt to our new platform. However, even if your children can embrace a digital platform with ease, we understand that not all of you are comfortable with online learning.

AHEAD Now Offers HyFlex Programs

To address your online learning concerns, we are now offering the HyFlex approach for our programs! Once the lockdown is lifted, your children can continue reviewing for their entrance exams online, or choose to review in our centers.  It’s up to you how you will utilize your children’s  HyFlex experience to their learning advantage. 

If your children are feeling under the weather, they can go online to continue learning. If your internet speed is slower than your old dial-up connection, your children can keep up with their entrance exam preparations by attending our center-based reviews. So, the beauty of HyFlex is that it can be tailored to fit your children’s needs!

AHEAD stays ahead with HyFlex!

This goes for our tutorial programs as well.

Your children can opt for center-based tutorials, if they want  more personal interaction with their tutors. Alternatively, to avoid being stuck in traffic, you can arrange for online tutorials for your children. Our tutors and lecturers are digital natives—just like your kids—so they can easily switch from one platform to another seamlessly.

With HyFlex, there is no limit to learning!

Changing Times Lead to Innovation

We may be living in uncertain times, but there’s no need to worry, since uncertainties are merely new opportunities for innovation. As the leading name in the supplementary education industry, we constantly update our approaches to remain ahead of the rest, and our latest adaptation to these changes is bringing HyFlex learning to the Philippines!


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