Are you currently preparing for the UP, Ateneo, La Salle and UST college entrance tests (CETs)?

But since you’re stuck at home because of the quarantine, you can’t go to a review center to, well, review. But you might have also read that review centers are holding their classes online.

Are online review classes just as effective as the ones conducted in a review center?

Can distance learning be an effective way to get you into the university of your dreams?

How is it different from the traditional classroom setting of a review center?

The Key Differences Between Online Review and Classroom-Based Review

AHEAD’s Online Review in Action

Enrolling in a center-based review is different from signing up for an online review though they’ve the same goal of preparing students for their CETs.

But these trying times have made online classes more popular for obvious reasons. Here are other things that separate the two.

1. Convenience

Going to a review center entails commuting or driving. The closer your house is to the center, the more convenient it is for you. If it’s far, then it can become inconvenient, depending on the traffic.

Of course, you need to dress appropriately, eat, and bathe. Then and only then can you be on your way.

With an online review, as long as you have a laptop and a stable Internet connection, you can attend instantly without having to travel.

This is what makes online classes appealing especially during this quarantine period when everyone is advised to stay home. In fact, it’s way more convenient since anyone, anywhere has access to the online class.

The only requirement is for you to show up for class hours in a presentable attire and a steady connection. You can then listen and take notes as if you’re in an actual review.

2. Social Interaction

Even if we cannot physically meet new friends, we have Facebook

Being in a review center allows you to interact with students, lecturers, and staff, which can have a positive effect in motivating you to study.

That satisfying feeling of being able to meet new friends coming from different schools makes the experience unforgettable. Also, you can approach the lecturers when you run into problems. This it easier to learn because you get immediate feedback.

Online reviews also enable limited social interaction.

You’ll only be meeting people via your device and not see them in person. This doesn’t however limit you from making friends with your classmates and lecturers.

You can still ask questions if you run into a problem that needs your lecturer’s help.

And the moment your classes are over, you can continue interacting by chatting with your new found friends online.

3. Effectiveness

Center reviews have the advantage of keeping every student in check. The lecturers can see what you’re doing thus ensuring that you’re doing the right thing.

This can lead to more motivation to strive harder in your studies.

The classroom setting of the center review gives you the impression that you’re taking the actual entrance exam.

Online reviews are convenient because students learn from home. But staying focused can be a challenge, especially if there are a lot of distractions at home.

 Which Review Is Better?

Turns out, only you can provide the answer to this question, since your way of learning differs from how others do.

However, our online review and center-based review complement each other!

In AHEAD, since the quarantine is still ongoing, we are leveraging on the power of the Internet and distance learning so that our students can continue reviewing at home.

Once the quarantine is lifted,it’s up to you whether you’ll continue attending online classes or start going to our physical venue to experience classroom-style review. We’ll have “blended” classes as well which combines both methods.

So if you want to experience our online review, check out our review programs HERE!

Written by Dominic Isidro

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