This Covid19 pandemic has brought about such panic and chaos to people from all walks of life. Schools have been closed since March and most of the students are stuck at home watching TV, playing video games and watching tik-tok videos with others spending most of their time on social media.

We get it. We can’t blame the kids nor their parents since no one is allowed outside. Thank God for the gift of technology which has allowed us to entertain ourselves virtually. However, education is and will always be the top priority for everyone. 

Lately there has been growing concerns among parents as to when their children will go back to school, with those whose children are going to college wondering whether they’ll be prepared for their college entrance tests(on time. Were it not for the pandemic, students would have been done with their final exams and would be taking their well deserved vacation while preparing for their college entrance tests. Alas, here we are! Stuck at home, not being able to do anything about the situation. 

Well, there is actually something you can do. With a little help from us, of course. Together, we can prepare your children for their college entrance test from the comfort and safety of your home with our FREE Online Review Sampler!

We know your, and your children’s, needs even before everything turned topsy-turvy. AHEAD has the experience and credentials to help your child make it to the country’s top schools. 

Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. AHEAD will cater to your child’s academic needs despite the lockdown. With our online review, your child will be confident to take on and pass his/her CETs with flying colors!
  2. We have the best review lecturers, all honor graduates from UP, Ateneo and LaSalle.
  3. Each of our lecturers have undergone rigorous training and screening making them more than qualified to conduct our review classes
  4. Depending on your needs, our review classes can be conducted either as a one-on-one or as a group session. 
  5. We also offer summer advancement and enrichment programs and homeschool support to keep your child in tip top academic shape.
  6. We don’t just prepare them for their CETs, we also help them master every skill needed to excel in life.
  7. Last but not least, we are the most awarded review center in the Philippines. 

So, if you’re still wondering how to make the most of your child’s time at home, just look AHEAD to see the answer! 

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Written by: Edellen Reyes

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