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MANILA, Philippines – Some 23.43 million elementary and high school students are expected to troop to educational institutions across the country on Tuesday, June 15.



It’s going to be another year-long struggle with their textbooks – and just like any other battle, students need to be in full gear.



They already have their notebooks, pencils, bags, lunch boxes and even a new pair of shoes, which help them feel more excited about going to class.



But ask yourself this: is your child ready to absorb new knowledge in school?



Sure, teachers are now better trained, and lessons are more comprehensive and engaging. But these alone are not enough.



Rossana Llenado, founder and president of tutorial and review center Ahead Learning Systems Inc., stressed that parents also play an important role in preparing their children for their studies.



She said it’s not just about the technical aspect of learning — it’s also about making the child realize the importance of getting good grades and being rewarded accordingly for his or her study behavior.



“Every year, they (students) are taught new and more challenging lessons. Even if they are enrolled in very good schools, it’s not an assurance that they will receive outstanding marks,” Llenado said.


If children have good study habits and are properly encouraged by their parents and guardians, Llenado said they are more able to maximize their learning potential.



Below are some of Llenado’s tips to help kids prepare for the coming academic year:



1. Help them realize the importance of getting good grades, and make them feel that their performance in school is significant to the whole family as well.



2. Explain to them that their studies will help them to have a brighter future and a better life. Provide positive reinforcement by rewarding them with compliments or appropriate gifts if they get high marks. Of course, make good on the promise of a reward if they perform very well in school. This will also instill in them a goal-oriented attitude and mold them into achievers.



3. Encourage them to leaf through their new textbooks even before the official start of classes so they can familiarize themselves with the lessons that will be taught to them.



4. Motivate them to read other books that are not part of their school curriculum. Reading will help improve their vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills, and English proficiency.



5. Teach them their lessons in advance, or enroll them in enrichment or tutorial services. This will give your children a head start in their subjects and also give them more time to relax with their family, since tutorials will cut down the time they spend studying and struggling to understand new lessons.



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