Science is more than just test tubes, chemicals, and organisms. It is a line of thinking and learning that leads to a better life. As young people, we should study science because it teaches us many life skills that make us better. Here are some things that we can learn from science:

Asking Better Questions

Science makes us ask the burning questions

 We always want to know more, but to do this, we have to ask better questions. Learning science and scientific methods helps us see the value of asking why things are because this leads to us asking how things can be better.

Understanding Better Answers

Asking the right questions will give you enlightenment

 When we ask better questions, it’s only natural to get better answers in return. By learning science, we learn how things work. By understanding the world from a scientific perspective, we feed not only our curiosity but also our hunger for more learning.

Being Better People

The end goal of Science is to make the world better

Knowing how the world works is the first step to making it better. We are always moving forward, but by learning to understand things now, we can make our future better.

By Being Scientific

The desire to learn is the heart of the scientific spirit

Being “Scientific” is not about loving math, laboratories, or physics, but about always wanting to learn more. Anyone can be scientific, especially us young people. Today, let’s keep asking questions, keep searching for answers, and keep learning how things work. After all, we are the ones who are making a better tomorrow.

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