Online essays seem to be one of the most popular forms of online projects assigned these days. After all, it is long, takes time to finish, and can be done by students without using esoteric equipment and/or online sites. Though it is similar to a regular pen and paper essay, there are some differences that make online essays unique compared to regular essays. Here are some tips on how to write online essays so that you will become more confident the next time you receive a similar assignment. 

Avoid Procrastination

This is a given, but from experience most students will find the allure of procrastination hardest when doing home projects. And with its long deadline, online essays are especially prone to procrastination because they think they still have a long time to do it, so why do it now? I always recommend that you always do your work as early as possible so that you can get more rest, instead of rushing and pressuring yourself later on. 

Remember the Deadline 

As I previously mentioned, one of the most dangerous things about online articles is that a long deadline gives students the illusion that they have a long time before they need to do their essay. Essays, after all, require students to gather their thoughts and form a coherent response to the topic being presented to them.

This is why the topics for pen and paper essays are usually given early on so that students can gather their thoughts first then write their essays. Online essays have a long deadline because it presumes that students will use the time well (although from experience most students do not do so). 

Write Part-by-Part

If you are a bit of a lazy student like I was, this is one of the things that you can do so that you can finish your essay in time and, in my experience, with time to spare. Let us say you have an essay due tomorrow, you can begin today with the essay’s introduction and the first half of the body so that you will not feel overwhelmed by the requirement. Doing the essay bit by bit also gives you a feeling of confidence that you are not just lazing around. I also find that doing your essay bit by bit allows you to reflect and edit your essay as needed, as well as think more clearly on how you want your essay’s flow to go. 

Review and Edit Your Work as Needed

This goes as well with your pen and paper essays, but since you have a lot of time to do it, this is especially important for online essays. I find it that teachers become more strict with grammar and spelling with online essays as they already assume that you have the means to fact check your essay to ensure that it is grammatically correct. My advice is, as I mentioned on my previous one, edit as you go bit by bit. When you edit as you work, it allows you to minimize the amount of time you will need to edit later, as well as check the overall direction your work is going. 

Check Your Sources

Finally, before submitting your essay, please check your sources. You don’t want to commit the academic mortal sin, plagiarism. Also, you need to verify your sources for credibility and filter out fake news. You want to make sure all your information is correct right?

Writing Online Essays Is Not Difficult

In the end, writing online essays is not difficult, it just needs a good bit of time management. All you need to do is to give yourself enough time to do it, do a bit of work daily, and edit your work. After all, online essays also practice your writing skills, and even prepare you for graduate school comprehensive exams. So, practice writing your online essays today!

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