When applying to Ateneo, there are three possibilities, accepted, waitlisted, or rejected. Now, you can find out the results online, but before Ateneo got really serious with data privacy, there used to be a big list in the Blue Eagle Gym, where all the accepted and waitlisted people were listed. If you were waitlisted, this means that the Office of Admission and Aid (OAA) sees potential in you, but they are still uncertain about you. There are many things you must do to prove yourself, but the most important is the appeal letter. This is because it shows the OAA what you are made of. Here’s how you can write an appeal letter which can impress the OAA.

Keep Your Paragraphs Concise

Paragraphs should not be this long

The first thing you should remember is that paragraphs should be as concise as possible. Remember your essay-writing review and use the techniques AHEAD’s lecturers taught you to say your piece in as few words as possible.

The OAA processes a good number of appeals, so you have to be able to express yourself in a very concise way. Remember, the OAA Director, Dr. Tirol, would even tell his students that he wouldn’t read past the 10th line of a paragraph. If he expects this from his students, how much more for potential Ateneans? Trust me, I was under him in 3 of my classes, and he would apply the 10-line rule to our essay exams and papers.

Use Attention-Grabbing Words

Your word choices must hook your reader

Other than maintaining correct grammar, the next thing you should remember when writing your appeal letter is to use attention-grabbing words. These include words that evoke emotion, like gleeful, brilliant, etc. Dr. Tirol will be reading a lot of letters, so make sure your letter stands out.

Also, remember to avoid words/phrases like somewhat and in a way because they detract from your main points. I once used these words in one of my papers for one of Dr. Tirol’s history classes, and I got a deduction. So please, learn from my mistake and avoid using these words.

Be Honest

Don’t make things up in your letter

The most important thing you have to remember when writing your appeal letter is to be honest. NEVER make things up. Remember, Dr. Tirol is a history professor, so he knows if you are trying too hard to impress him. So please, make sure you can back up everything you write. After all, we in the discipline of history place great emphasis on evidence. So be sure to provide evidence to prove your claims.


Don’t cram your letter

Also, you must remember to never, and I mean never, cram your letter. It has to look well-written to build up your case. Procrastinating your appeal, which leads to cramming is also a bad thing because it gives the OAA the impression that you are desperate, and you only want to go to Ateneo because you have no other options. So please, start writing that letter as soon as you get your results and gathered up the evidence. After all, you will need to proofread and edit.

Show Interest, but Don’t Look Desperate

In the end, the most important thing you need to remember when writing a good appeal letter is that you have to show your desire to be an Atenean. This means being careful with your choice of words, backing up your claims and not cramming. Also, submit your letter as soon as you can, provided it has been proofread and edited properly. This is to show the OAA you really want to study in Ateneo. However, please don’t submit too early, since it will make you look desperate. Remember, you want to make a good impression on the OAA, so please give your best in writing your appeal letter!

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