For all those who aced the ACET, congratulations! However, acing the ACET and getting into Ateneo is only half the battle. The ACET may have been a challenging exam, but staying (and enjoying) Ateneo is where the real battle begins. However, do not fret, incoming freshies, for those who came before you can help you out! Here are some survival tips from current Ateneans and alumni.

The Syllabus is Meant to be Read

Your syllabi are NOT your terms and conditions

Read the syllabus 😂

Histo Prof

Unlike terms and conditions, which gamers don’t read at all, the syllabus is meant to be read, unless you want to create a terrible first impression, or worse, get sent out for asking a dumb question. Trust me, I’ve seen someone who was sent out for asking if there was a quiz, when the syllabus said there were no quizzes.

Use Your Breaks Responsibly

Those big blocks of breaks in between your classes? Those are for writing your papers. you will get papers even in non-writing classes like math and PE, depending on who your professors are, so don’t shirk your work- especially with papers. they’ll pile up otherwise.

History alumna

College gives you long breaks, but use them responsibly, like working on your papers. Just do a bit of work daily, and you will be fine.

Bellarmine to CTC is Doable

Running to the SOM area from CTC is doable

Bel to CTC is doable, but can get sweaty. Ask your prof if you can come in a bit late because youll be coming from the other end of the campus

Mr. Q

Having straight Bel-CTC classes is no problem, provided inform the profs concerned, and you hurry, and I mean, hurry.

Use The Facilities Well

The library’s printers, computer use and internet access could be the difference between a pass or fail. -History alumnus

Remember to use the facilities the school has to offer.

History alumnus

As my friend would say, “Ateneo did not become one of the best [schools] just because of its knowledge, but also due to the facilities it built for its students and teachers.” So, make the most out of the in-campus facilities.

Dress Befitting the Weather

Don’t overdress

Since Ateneans love to dress up, don’t bother layering your clothes, get used to (fall in love with the experience of) trees as natural aircon!

A friend

Enjoy the beauty of nature, and don’t wear too many overcoats. Just be sure to follow the dress code, OK?

People are More Than What They Look

Don’t be quick to judge

Don’t let school stereotypes get to you


People are more than what they appear to be, so ignore stereotypes.

Feel Free to Pop By UP Town

UP Town is the place to be, if you can walk far

If you have the energy, feel free to crash in UP Town, it is a public space after all.


If you have the energy, feel free to crash in UP Town, it is a public space after all.

Homies are Helpful

We get by with a little help from our friends

Balance acads and friends. Trust me, you’ll need both.

Balance acads and friends. Trust me, you’ll need both.


Remember, just as the song says, we need a little help from our friends to survive, not just in Ateneo.

Life Management is Very Crucial

I guess one would be “Procrastination is about managing your emotions, not your time.” It’s super easy to get caught up with all the new opportunities that college life has to offer: joining orgs, having a potential love life, leading projects, etc. So having control about how you handle all these changes will be one of the most necessary weapons to have.


In the end, the most important Ateneo survival tip is to manage your life well. There are so many opportunities that Ateneo offers, so you need to live by the brain, not just the heart. After all, the freedom college gives you is the freedom to commit without being ruled by emotions. Use it well, and you will be fine.

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