Yeah yeah I know, Online exams are much better than “real” tests, am I right? No teacher, you can check your notes, and it has a pretty long time before submissions so you can just cram the test a few hours before the deadline. Seems like a good thing right? Well believe it or not, it is more complicated than that.

Online exams are more often than not, more complicated than your typical pen and paper exam, especially if they are open notes. Another thing that makes online exams more difficult is that most of the time they are essay problems or other time consuming test types so that students cannot simply cram their exams. With these in mind, here are some test-taking tips for answering online tests. 

Ensure You Have Proper Notes for the Exam or Ask for Help From Friends

Ok, this sounds like common sense already, but knowing you guys… you get where I am going at. This goes for all exams, but being able to consult your notes while taking an exam is a huge boon for you, and online exams allow just that. So I suggest that you make the most out of it by consulting your notes as much as possible if you are stuck or in need of guidance in how to properly answer the question being asked. 

But sometimes you may not have the notes for the appropriate topic of the test, in which case you would want to coordinate with your friends who have the notes. This is another boon of online tests that you should take advantage of, as if you do that in a pen and paper exam it becomes cheating. Just make sure that if the teacher bans it, you don’t do it!


Remember, ALWAYS REVIEW, no matter the exam! Reviewing allows you to answer the questions more confidently and rely less on your notes. Reviewing is, for me, the number one thing you do before taking any exam. 

Have a Stable Internet Connection

This, for me, is one of the key things you need to take into consideration when doing online exams. I cannot remember how many horror stories I heard from my friends rushing a deadline exam but they end up being late due to technical issues. So, before doing anything online related, I strongly suggest that you ensure your connection is stable so that no unforeseen problems happen. 

Also, a stable internet connection allows you to consult the greatest source of information there is, the Internet. By being able to access the Internet, you can look for specific terms that you can use for your exam as well as look for clarification for certain terms you are not familiar with. 

Do Your Online Exams Ahead of Time

By now I think you can see this advice coming. The problem with some students is the time limit given for online exams, for it can facilitate procrastination . This unhealthy mindset must go as it ruins your ability to think properly of an answer as you are being pressed for time in the last minutes. So, I recommend that you do your online exams as quickly as you can so you can be over it as well. Online exams have a long deadline because they are normally essays, so please avoid procrastination!

Always be Prepared!

The final thing you need to remember before any exam, online or not, is to BE PREPARED! Just because an exam is online, it does not give you the license to slack off. So, please take these exams seriously, for they could determine your future! All you need to do is keep calm, follow these tips, and you can ace these exams!

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