The Enhanced Community Quarantine has been extended once again, keeping us home until the end of the month. Schools like Ateneo de Manila have even ended the school year early, thus, creating a forced vacation.

We may be safe at home for now, but one thing troubles parents everywhere, which is the future of their children. Yes, dear parents, the future of your children is still on the line, since the College Entrance Tests are still pushing through.We in AHEAD can prepare you for these through  our online review programs but, what if you don’t know how your child will be doing in the exam, or how our review programs can help you?

Don’t worry fam! We have you covered, for there’s something to help you assess your child’s performance if he/she took the entrance exam today, and this is the Mock Exam!

However, this Mock Exam is different from those we have given before. We can show you how!

The Mock Exam is Now Online

You can now take our mock exam anywhere

Yes, you heard it right, AHEAD’s Mock Exam is now online. So, you can take it from the safety of Fortress Home! This is great news for you students, for you can now assess if you have what it takes to ace the College Entrance Tests without leaving home! So, you can see what areas you need to work on, while still obeying the Enhanced Community Quarantine rules at the same time.

Results are Instant

Your results will be as instant as instant noodles

Since the Exam is online, then it automatically follows that the results will be instant! So, you can find out how you did in the exam right after you took it. This is similar to schools, like the University of the East (UE), which release their entrance test scores right after the exam. As a result, you can instantly find out what areas you need to focus on just after taking it, and if your test-taking techniques are working!

This is good news for us young people, since as part of the Instant Generations, namely Millenials and Gen Z, we want to get results as soon as we can! Once we have the results, we can now move forward, since we know what to do and what to work on. This is why it is good that us youth have the internet, since it makes opportunities open up for us. 

Thus, instant results means instant knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses, and instant knowledge means that we can address our problem areas when we can. It’s much harder to address these problem areas later on, when schoolwork and extracurriculars are already weighing down on us.

Test-Based Mock Exam

Our online mock exam retains the signature AHEAD test-based flavor!

Mock Exam = Test-Based Exam?

Yes, you saw it right!

Our Mock Exam, though online, still has the test-based flavor that we in AHEAD are known for. So, you can be assured that the mock exam is based on actual College Entrance Exams.

Thus, you can be sure that your performance in the Mock Exam is how you would perform if you took your entrance exams on April 15. So, once you take our Mock Exam, and end up proceeding to any of our review packages, when you take the real exam, it will be the fourth time you will be taking it.

Remember, familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence allows you to remember the right answers!

The Mock Exam Shows You The Door

The Quarantine should not deny you the opportunity to prepare for your entrance exams, since we in AHEAD have our online offerings to prepare you for the most important test of your lives!

The Mock Exam, if you let it, can be your doorway to acing the entrance exams. However, just like Morpheus, it can only show you the door. It’s up to you if you want to go through it.

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