Good news, aspiring doctors! AHEAD Tutorial and Review is now offering online NMAT review classes for those who wish to take the NMAT this coming 2020. Originally scheduled for April 26, 2020, the exam has been postponed to October due the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to take this opportunity to salute all our frontliners who are leading the fight against the unseen enemy. We are proud of all of you! Those who wish to follow the steps of our countrymen, your desire to serve alone makes you special. But we’ve to make sure you’re well-prepared for what’s out there hence the need to pass the NMAT first. Review for it, take it, ace it, save lives! 

What is the NMAT?

The NMAT or the National Medical Admission Test is a test given in the Philippines by CEM, Inc. where they test your aptitude for Medical School. In the NMAT, with questions revolving around the following science subjects – biology, chemistry, and physics. The test also tackles hybrid subjects such as biochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, zoology, botany, and other sciences other than the three aforementioned subjects.

The NMAT is designed to measure your aptitude for medical school, whether you’re well-equipped enough for it.

You’re probably wondering now: how am I going to review for all those subjects especially with a lockdown in place? Science always had a truck-ton of concepts and applications that memorizing it isn’t going to cut it at all! This is why AHEAD has been directing its efforts to make the NMAT review available online as a tribute to many of the doctors who fight at the frontlines and to help other aspiring doctors achieve their goals in becoming a doctor.

AHEAD’s NMAT Review: What’s it like?

AHEAD’s NMAT review will be held online where lecturers will stream their classes live. During these classes, students can ask questions, especially on concepts that they’re not familiar with or are having difficulty with. Not all questions can be answered, though, given the limited broadcast time. Nevertheless, teachers will always encourage students to email the questions so they can address it even after the sessions.

Still not sure whether to avail of the review? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to find out if a question that’s bugging you is addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t graduate with a pre-med course! Can AHEAD help me learn the Science basics?

The answer is yes! The lecturers in AHEAD will be covering the basics of all science subjects. Nothing says well-understood than knowing the basics by heart. And if you feel that you’re still lacking by then, there are supplementary classes that can help you improve in specific subjects. You may even get a tutor from AHEAD to help you catch up!

Can AHEAD help me with the registration process for the NMAT?

While AHEAD cannot do the registration process for you (as it requires bank transactions and personal information), we can guide you with the process as to what needs to be filled up and what you need to bring.

Do you take in those who already took the NMAT already but just want to have a higher score?

Of course, AHEAD’s doors are always open to aspiring doctors who are willing to learn and achieve! Who are we to stop them?

Will AHEAD be providing review materials for us? What about the ones given for the NMAT?

We’re not saying that the review materials given by the examiners of the NMAT are not useful. They are. But we believe that our review materials cover exactly what you need for the NMAT exam.

Have You Decided?

We understand if you want to take your time to decide. But in order for you to follow the footsteps of our heroes, you’ll need to take and pass this exam. It’s a long and hard journey that will constantly test your passion but we’re here to help you get past to the first part and see it through with you to the end.

If you still have more questions and/or want to enroll, please email us at so we can better answer your questions!

Godspeed, aspiring doctors!

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