As a parent, one of the biggest worries you encounter is being able to help your child reach his or her academic potential early on. While some children are able to excel in school without any external help whatsoever, there are kids who have a harder time in developing their academic progress. A surefire way to help your child excel in class is by signing him or her up to a tutorial center.

Whatever the reasons or circumstances are, there should not be an excuse to help a child grow, especially when it involves his or her education. Signing your child up to such institution can help him or her excel in school, create better study habits and develop their confidence. If you’re interested in signing your child up to a tutorial service, check out this list of Manila’s top tutorial centers.

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AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center

Contact No: (02) 426-0034 | (02) 426-0035 | (02) 426-0036 | 0916-400-0536
Price Range: Php 5,500 – Php 40,000

AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center is a one of the go-to tutorial centers in the Philippines for many things. It is best known to help graduating senior high students get ready for university and college entrance exams. They offer classes with college entrance exams that help students pass their ideal universities and degrees. But more than this, AHEAD also offers different tutorial services for other equally important, life-altering exams undergraduate students must take. AHEAD also covers Law School Entrance Exam reviews, SAT and ACT tutorial programs, National Medical Admissions Test reviews and First Grade, Junior High and Senior High review programs. For a complete list of tutorial programs, visit their website.

MSA Academic Advancement Institute

Contact No: (02) 925-7544 | (02) 929-9159 | (02) 929-9145
Price Range: Php 6,000 – Php 15,000

One of the oldest and most revered tutorial services in the country, MSA Academic Advancement Institute has been around since 1988. It has multiple branches all over Metro Manila, which is probably one of the reasons why more parents choose this institution for their child’s tutorial needs. MSA offers Academic Tutorials that covers tutorial assistance in school and services for home-schooled children. For Academic Tutorials, kids have the option to choose between a small class set-up or a one-on-one service. MSA also has Test Preparation services and Enrichment Programs. Enrichment Programs cover basic and intermediate Math classes and English and Speech classes.

Kumon Philippines

Contact No: (02) 885-0226
Price Range: Php 3,000 – Php 5,000 (monthly)

f sharpening your child’s mathematical skills is something you want developed, Kumon may be the place to help you. Known for the famous Kumon method, which is an individualized learning technique, children are able to progress based on their own skill and pace. Unlike in a classroom set-up where students are expected to learn together at the same stride, Kumon fosters individual learning pace.

This tutorial center is most notable for their mathematics tutorial program but they have long ventured into other subjects and areas of learning. If you feel like your child struggles in a common classroom set-up, maybe a stint at Kumon may help.

Eureka Tutorial and Learning Center

Contact No: (02) 833-1617
Price Range: Depends on the program; may be inquired thru their contact number

Since the Philippines has shifted its educational curriculum to K-12 in the country’s goal to make students globally competitive, Eureka has been able to adapt to this change with their tutorial services. This particular tutorial institution prides itself in honing their students to excellently take on rigorous academic programs from Singapore, the UK, the US and China. While it has only been established in 2007, Eureka has been able to handle students who have enrolled in international curriculum like the International Baccalaureate Program, IGCSE and AP programs.

The Learning Library

Contact No: (02) 294-8081 | (0917) 828-2669
Price Range: Starts at Php 5,000 per month

If reading is a proficiency you would like your kid to focus on, the Learning Library is an excellent choice. Especially for parents who have younger children who need to practice English speaking, writing and reading skills, this tutorial center is for you. The Learning Library’s main goal is to help students develop their reading and comprehension skills, and you can even choose a second language to English. The center also offers subject-specific tutorial classes to give children an edge with traditional classroom education set-up.

Choosing the right tutorial center can be a tedious process but when you start to see your child get better in school and become more confident, you will definitely see its worth. At the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of knowing you have done everything to see and help your child shine.

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