It’s time once again for senior high students to apply to their dream colleges. Of course in order to get there, you need to properly prepare for the greatest obstacle before entering your dream college, the entrance exam. By now many of you are currently looking for review books, tutors, and centers so that you can get ahead of your competition.

But while reviewing for the exam/s, it is also important to know what you should do on exam day. All that hard work reviewing for months would go to waste if you, for example, forgot to bring the required or if you don’t follow the instructions as stated in the testing sheet itself. In order to address that, here are some tips on what to do during the exam, as well as some test-taking tips.

Sleep Well

Do this the night before, NOT during the test

I may sound hypocritical about this since I failed to sleep well due to test jitters , but it is important to get a good night’s sleep the day before your entrance test. This allows you to feel fresh and energized when you get up, and you won’t sleep during the exam. Every moment counts when taking an entrance test.

Eat a Heavy Breakfast (But Not Too Heavy)

Eat a heavy breakfast, but don’t go for the buffet

From experience, taking a crucial exam when hungry, is not something you would like to do. As most college entrance exams are usually scheduled in the morning, it is important that you take a full breakfast so that you’ll have the energy to properly answer your test as well as not pass out during the test. You’d be surprised as how taxing and tiring answering a college entrance exam is, and being able to answer it without worrying about your stomach is a great boon for you.

NOTE: However, please don’t go for an eat-all-you-can breakfast, for eating too much makes you drowsy, or worse, will cause multiple trips to the bathroom, which wastes valuable time, especially since the exam is taken under time pressure.

Prepare Your Things

Your backpack should have all your needs

Make sure that you have everything you’ll need for the exam before you leave the house.This is, for me, one of the most important things that you should never skip when you’re preparing to leave, as you’ll never know when you’ll need your spare pencils or sharpener during the exam as well as your identification papers for the exam.

Arrive On Time


This is connected to my first point for sleeping early allows you to wake up early and get to your testing site with time to spare to prepare yourself for the coming exam. Also, being late for your most important exam is the most unpardonable sin, since you will be under more time pressure. There are stories of students being unable to take their exam because they woke up late and unable to arrive in time for their exam, so it is paramount that you always arrive in time for your exams.

Don’t Panic!!

During the test itself, remember that a calm mind will answer more questions than a worried mind. When you encounter a particularly difficult problem, you can opt to skip it and answer the easier questions first then come back to it later on to save time.

There are many tips on what to do on exam day, but the most crucial tip would be not to panic. All other tips and tricks are meant to lead to this, for these are ways to prevent you from panicking. After all, the entrance exam is the most crucial exam of your life, and panicking will not help you ace it. Remember, keep calm and carry on with the test!

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