The Philippines is currently plagued by a new virus known as Coronavirus (nCovid-19), but even though it is spreading like mad, it doesn’t mean we should panic, but we must protect ourselves.

Corona Virus
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Relax, we are not making the Train to (insert random Philippine city/province here) movie. Nor, are we aspiring to make the Philippines the land of the Walking Dead, or worse, Raccoon City. 

So, this is how Coronavirus works.

So what is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has multiple names. In fact, this is not the first time we’ve encountered Coronavirus. We knew it as SARS and it even has its younger brother, MERS. And now, it has a sister: Novel. The Corona Virus is a virus that incubates in animals but uses them as carriers. However, this doesn’t mean you should kill your pets and every stray animal in sight! Because seriously, it’s not the animal’s fault that humans are crazy enough to eat everything that breathes or moves…

Can’t I just kill it with antibiotics?

As much as we wish we can just spam Amoxicillin on it, we can’t. Amoxicillin is the weakest of the antibiotics. Plus, viruses and bacterias have different mechanisms. Bacterias are killed by antibiotics because antibiotics kill living things, which viruses are not.Also, antibiotic abuse will lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is bad news.

There are specific meds for viruses. We just don’t have one for Coronavirus.

What can we do?

So with the Coronavirus on a rampage, we have to take additional precautionary measures to make sure we don’t die. Yes, Coronavirus is lethal, especially to those who had a prior infection or chronic conditions. So, here are some things to do to make sure you don’t get it. 

Don’t shake hands or have much skin contact. 

Sure, we Filipinos got the whole “kissing on the cheek” and “mano” thing. But really, we shouldn’t do that right now. ESPECIALLY, if you’re doing that with your Lola and Lolo. Their immune system’s shot and they can die if you turn out to be a carrier. So, a simple nod or wave will do. 

Do not just touch anything you see! 

This means not touching elevator buttons or anything that’s public and exposed to other people. Use any means necessary to protect yourself, but avoid doing damage.

Open the door with your shoulder or your hip.

Since you use your hand often for God knows what, keep them clean. The door is one of the most contaminated objects (next to your computer keyboard and your toilet). Do use another body part that you normally don’t use to open the door. If you want, you may even lightly press the door with your foot. Do not kick it screaming “NBI!” This is just rude. 

Use disinfectants. 

The best disinfectant is Alcohol at 70%. We suggest bringing big ones and spray types instead of the one you have to flip open. Keep a Lysol on hand to spray your surroundings.

Bring a small medkit with you.

 Having a medkit that deals with lung-based infections are useful. Include medicines like Vitamin C and Berocca.

Relieve thy stress. 

The more you’re stressed out, the more cortisol your body releases. Releasing cortisol means it’s trying to stop you from being stressed. But cortisol also doesn’t do well for your immune system. And the more stressed you are, you get weaker, dumber, and easier to kill. 

If you’ve got the symptoms, apply for work from home. 

Now, some people have an unhealthy sense of FOMOW (Fear of Missing Out on Work). So, if you have the symptoms, apply for work from home. Talk to HR and arrange something. That way you won’t infect anyone.

Amidst this epidemic, we must be vigilant before we get everyone else sick. Stay alive. I am not your undertaker. We want you to sleep in your beds, not in caskets.

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