College entrance examinations are extremely important for students in the Philippines because they serve as a gateway to higher education and influence future career paths. These rigorous examinations assess a wide range of skills and knowledge, with reading comprehension standing out as a crucial component for qualifying into prestigious Philippine institutions such as UP, Ateneo, La Salle, and UST. The capacity to effectively absorb and analyze written information not only impacts a student’s success in exams but also plays an important role in their academic career. In this article, we will explore the significance of speed reading and provide valuable insights on how AHEAD’s speed reading introductory sessions offer helpful ideas on how to use it effectively for students preparing for college admission examinations in the Philippines.

Speed reading holds great importance for college entrance exam takers, as it offers several key benefits that can significantly impact their performance and success in these rigorous examinations.

Time Management: College entrance tests consist of a large amount of reading material that needs to be completed within a short period of time. Test takers who can read quickly can cover more material in less time, providing them with a strategic edge. They can devote more time in answering questions and reviewing their responses if they read quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Coverage: Reading comprehension parts in college entrance tests such as the UPCAT, ACET, DCAT, and USTET are frequently included to assess critical thinking and analytical skills. Speed reading enables test takers to quickly grasp essential ideas, recognize key details, and comprehend complicated materials. This ability guarantees that individuals can answer questions effectively and demonstrate their understanding.

Confidence Boost: Exam takers gain confidence from their ability to read and comprehend quickly. Their confidence develops as they easily navigate through difficult passages. Confidence is essential during high-stakes exams as it enhances decision-making, problem-solving, and overall performance.

Improved Accuracy: When combined with good reading practices, speed reading improves comprehension without compromising accuracy. Test takers can assimilate information more quickly, resulting in a better knowledge of the content. Consequently, individuals can answer questions more accurately, reducing the likelihood of misinterpretation or confusion.

Reduction of Test Anxiety: College entrance exams often induce anxiety due to their significance and time constraints. Speed reading teaches students how to effectively manage their time and approach reading sections with a calm and concentrated attitude. Speed reading helps reduce anxiety, allowing test takers to perform to the best of their abilities.

Academic Preparedness: Practicing speed reading for college admission tests has a wider influence on academic readiness. It equips students with a valuable skill that they can utilize throughout their academic journey. Proficiency in speed reading enhances their ability to navigate textbooks, research papers, and academic resources efficiently, thereby contributing to success in class and independent study.

Speed reading helps college entrance exam takers effectively manage their time, comprehend complex sections, raise confidence, improve accuracy, minimize test anxiety, and improve overall academic preparedness. By refining their speed reading skills, students can enhance their success in these crucial exams and open doors to further educational opportunities.

With its reputation as the best tutorial center in the Philippines, AHEAD Tutorial and Review offer an unparalleled advantage to students through its comprehensive speed reading session. By including this session in their program, AHEAD equips students with the necessary skills to excel in college entrance exams. Their expert instructors guide students through proven techniques, fostering efficient reading, improved comprehension, and time management.

Proven Techniques: Students are introduced to proven techniques that enhance their reading speed and comprehension, enabling them to efficiently navigate through vast amounts of text. This session focuses on practical strategies tailored to the unique requirements of college entrance exams in the Philippines, with an emphasis on the crucial reading comprehension component.

Eliminate Subvocalization: Students learn to eliminate subvocalization, a common habit that impedes reading speed. By breaking free from silently pronouncing each word, students accelerate their reading pace and optimize their ability to process information quickly.

Pre-Reading and Previewing Techniques: Students are taught to scan passages for headers, subheadings, and keywords to build a contextual framework that will help them understand the material better. This pre-reading activity gives students a strategic advantage by allowing them to quickly understand the main ideas and crucial details while reading at a faster pace.

Improve Reading Speed: AHEAD Speed Reading Introductory Session emphasizes the significance of finding the correct balance between speed and understanding in addition to reading. Students are urged to improve their comprehension of the content while maintaining an appropriate reading rate. This method assures that students not only read quickly but also retain material accurately, improving their overall score on college entrance exam reading comprehension parts.

Experienced Instructors: AHEAD’s lecturers consist of experienced educators that graduated from UP, Ateneo, and La Salle with cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude that will guide students through various exercises and drills that reinforce speed reading skills. Students practice speed reading strategies designed to imitate test conditions. This simulation prepares students for the time limits they would face during tests, allowing them to stay focused and make effective reading judgments.

AHEAD is the leading and most awarded educational service provider in the Philippines. It is committed to making a real difference in the lives of students, professionals, and its partner organizations and franchisees through diverse service brands. Participating in AHEAD Speed Reading Introductory Session provides students with a competitive edge in their college entrance exam preparation. They learn important skills such as time management, comprehension of complex material, and answering questions correctly. AHEAD’s dedication in providing high-quality education and encouraging students reach their goals, this initial session is a worthwhile investment in their academic success.


Written by: Zarah Yosabel Ampo

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