For many students, cramming has become almost inevitable, but, it is not recommended, especially for College Entrance Test (CET) Reviews. This is because the human brain can only absorb so much information. The question to be answered now is, can one find a way to actually avoid these unfortunate scenarios altogether and complete one’s requirements on time while also being able to properly review for one’s exams, especially the CETs? Also, students have other priorities, like passing Senior High, so it is a bad idea to cram all these, for anxiety can also be a problem.

The straightforward answer is to just plan ahead and make sure to follow a schedule of what requirements to accomplish at a specific date, but due to other demands, this is easier said than done. In an effort to provide more than just one answer to this complex problem, here are some tips on how to avoid cramming.

Do a Bit of Work Daily

Don’t let your work overwhelm you

You do a little bit at a time. Always make that a habit.


Sometimes a little work done is better than nothing at all. Start working on parts of your requirements before the deadline and although it won’t seem much at first, it accumulates later on allowing you to revise, or even finish the requirement ahead of your schedule, letting you focus on your other projects.

Prioritize Your Requirements

Keep your work organized

This may sound simple enough, and it is, but by simply arranging your list of requirements by urgency is very helpful in avoiding cramming. Of course that begs the question what if there are many requirements within one day, then I would suggest you to prioritize which one of them is the most important one then go on from there. By making a schedule, you’ll be able to determine which one of your requirements is the most urgent.


Scheduling seems to be a simple activity, but it allows you to know which ones of your many requirements really needed your attention right now and which ones you can do later on. 

Arranging your requirements around a certain theme

Think of a common theme

Use a common theme to make things easier.

Kuya D

When working for your requirements,or studying for the CETs a friend of mine told me that one way to avoid cramming is to arrange your requirements around a certain theme or way that will make working on them much easier. For example, you can do all language stuff while reviewing Language Proficiency, or Math homework when reviewing for the Math component of the ACET. This way, you don’t tire yourself from doing your Math homework when you need to study for Reading Comprehension.

Cramming for Your CETs is a Terrible Idea

Cramming is an exhausting and taxing activity that all students go through, but there are ways to avoid it and finish your requirements with time to spare, especially when students have to balance their usual schoolwork with their CET reviews. Cramming for the CETs is a terrible idea because 4-6 years worth of Junior-Senior High School lessons cannot exactly be studied quickly. Also, the CETs are more crucial than the usual academic work because these are tests which will change your future.

Of course, these methods aren’t a sure-fire way to completely avoid cramming, but they can help mitigate its worst effects. In the end, it’s really up to the student him/herself to pick a style that suits their needs best in order to accomplish all their tasks efficiently and on time. 

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