In the past years, AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center, the leading review center in the Philippines, has offered reviews for the major entrance exams, namely the UPCAT, ACET, and DCAT, along with a package review for all these. However, for the new decade, AHEAD has tweaked these review programs into new review packages centered on the UPCAT. Here are three reasons why you should consider these new packages.

The UPCAT Review is the Base Review

The UPCAT Review is the foundation of the CET Review

The main reason why AHEAD has transformed its review package into one based on the UPCAT is because the UPCAT Review is the base review program. This is because the competencies tested in the other entrance exams, namely the ACET, DCAT, and USTET, like reading comprehension, mathematics, reasoning, and language proficiency, are all present in the UPCAT. The other competencies present in the ACET, DCAT, and USTET, like General Information (ACET), and Research (DCAT and USTET), are unique additions to UPCAT’s competencies. Essentially, AHEAD no longer offers separate ACET, DCAT, and USTET review programs because their competencies, except those unique to these exams, are present in the UPCAT.

The Competition to Enter UP is Much More Intense

The competition to enter UP is more intense than it used to be

The competition to become an Iskolar ng Bayan has always been strong, but changes over the last decade has made the race to enter UP more intense. One of these is the passage of Republic Act 10931, which guarantees free tuition, under certain conditions, to those enrolling in State Universities, like UP. Also, the top students in public schools, as mentioned by AHEAD President Rossana Llenado, have guaranteed slots in UP. This is because of the 2014 Iskolar ng Bayan Law. These cause the competition to become an Iskolar ng Bayan to become stronger, since slots are more limited than before, and of course, parents want their kids to get quality education for free. Due to these changes, the competition to be accepted into UP is much stronger, which necessitates the changes in the review.

To Provide Students With More Options

The packages provide more options for students

However, due to the intense competition to get into UP, not everyone will be able to become an Iskolar ng Bayan. Also, students may have other dream universities in mind. As a result, the base UPCAT and the new package programs, namely the Premium, Plus, and PUSH packages, are there to provide students with options. The base UPCAT Review is there for the basic competencies, but even if you, dear students, are looking to enter UP, it is still best to choose the package programs to provide you with more options. After all, the package reviews are just UPCAT reviews with the additional stuff the other CETs have, along with supplementary classes to help increase students’ chances of making it.

NOTE: Even if other universities like Ateneo and La Salle have high tuition fees, scholarships are still available, especially for CET topnotchers, so, free tuition is not limited to UP.

CETS are the Most Crucial Exams in a Student’s Life

In the end, college entrance tests are the most crucial exams in a student’s life, for the college/university he/she will enter will change him/her forever, due to the professors, friends, and other people he/she will meet and the lessons he/she will learn. So, it is important that they prepare well for them, especially in the post-K-12 era. Since we want to prepare them well, we at AHEAD have centered our new review programs on the UPCAT, since, after all, the other CETs test the same things as the UPCAT, with some additional stuff.

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