There are responsibilities that came with being a parent. I’m a mother who has five kids that I love so much. I’m not always sure as to how long can I take care of my children and with that in mind I had to make sure that I provide them with the most  important thing that I could bestow, education.

During my younger years, I was able to finish college as a working student. Finishing from any college that time doesn’t set any problem but today’s generation is different. It’s not just a matter of graduating college but graduating from a good university that counts. My goal to my children is to provide them with the best education that partly a good university could only provide that.

My first step was to enroll them to a good grade school.I was able to enroll them in an exclusive school for girls but then again, some minor problems came out. The lesson was so advance then that I couldn’t able to teach them. I know that I need help to be able to let them cope with their school works. Extending their study hours was not enough. I research and ask around as to where could I enroll my four daughters for their tutorial class. Ahead Tutorial & Review was in the top list of choices.


I found out that all the tutors came from top schools like UP, ATENEO and LASALLE. And it’s not just enough that they graduated from the top school, they have to be on the top of their class and receive academic excellence. There are other tutorial study centers around and charge lowers that Ahead. Financial dilemma came to as to where I should enroll. With the history and background of Ahead Tutorial and Review, the difference of fee doesn’t seem to matter. Ahead might have charge higher from others, but I was so sure that every penny spent has its worth.

The truth of the matter, the learning experience that my daughters gain, did make an impact to their school activities. I didn’t wait for my children to be in their higher years, for the foundation of education is so important, I did not wait to receive remedial notice before I have to make my move, for me every second matter. Having tutorial doesn’t mean that my child is low in IQ; it’s just a way for me to improve their study habit. I was so satisfied with the result of their tutorial, for my daughters not only receive good grades but merit awards and scholarship. What ever study habits they learn from Ahead made an impact to their school activities. Now, my children are going to college and one of my moves is to enroll them for review at Ahead Tutorial and Review .

I dearly believe that all parents want what best for their children and we will do everything in our power to make that happen. Putting value to education is priceless. We need all the help we can get. As far as partnering with tutorial center is concern, I will not sacrifice quality just to save a few bucks and suffer the consequence later.

One of the advantage that I found out from Ms. Rossana Llenado with regards to their review was it’s a test base program, meaning reviews are adapted as what school you intend to apply or take your exam. Each top school like UP, ATENEO and LASALLE have different exam and ahead make sure that each review is adapted to this school.


 One of the extra service that Ahead Tutorial Review provide is the  Planning Ahead Book that they provide to parents to guide them with regards to information about several universities and the courses they offer.

 Special Thanks to Carlo Camilo for my photo

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