The Enhanced Community Quarantine has officially been extended which means more time at home!

Sadly, this can lead to cabin fever and boredom. But don’t worry! We have your child, and you, of course,  covered! We’re now conducting our tutorial services online!

Our amazing tutors are graduates or students of UP, Ateneo, and La Salle which means that your child will only learn from the best.

If that’s not enough, our tutors go through a rigorous screening process and training to make sure that they have the perfect combination of subject expertise and teaching skills!

All your child needs to do is turn on the computer (w/ webcam), connect to the internet, and start learning from the safety of your home!

“What if my kids are on vacation?” you might ask. Well, whether you like it or not, they are. But don’t worry. As usual, we’ve got you covered! It’s what they do at home that’s more important.

Our Summer Advancement Program will also be available online! Now your child can brush up on the skills he/she needs to build on for the following school year, anytime.

Interested?  All you need to do is send us your child’s name, email address, and the subject he/she needs help on and we’ll match him/her with a tutor who can address his/her needs. In fact, to show you what our tutors can do, we are happy to offer your child’s first tutorial session or Summer Advancement Session for free. YES! You heard it right, totally free!

Since we know you want your children to succeed in life, and do something productive during these trying times, we are happy to offer you this free session to keep your kids in tip top mental shape!

Want to know more? Feel free to CLICK THIS LINK and see what else we can offer!

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