July 14, 2014

A reviewer app for the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) is now available to students preparing for the UPCAT.

The AHEAD UPCAT Reviewer App, the very first of its kind in the learning industry, was made possible through a partnership between AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, the country’s most-awarded review center, and MegaMobile, a member of the Inquirer Group of Companies.

Admission to the University of the Philippines, the country’s premier educational institution, remains difficult for many Filipino students because of the university’s high admission standards. Every year, around 70,000 students take the UPCAT, but only about 10 percent of them pass this rigorous exam.

The AHEAD UPCAT Reviewer App offers a great introduction to the rudiments of the UPCAT and is best suited for incoming high school seniors. AHEAD president Rossana Llenado says, “We wanted to reach more students all over the Philippines, and eventually in other countries, who need to prepare for the UPCAT and other similar college entrance tests.”

The app is pretty straightforward, easy to navigate and makes learning fun. Llenado adds, “We didn’t make the design too complex to help students focus on answering the test items.”

The AHEAD Reviewer App is a digital version of AHEAD’s “Score Higher in UPCAT” review book, the country’s first review book for the UPCAT that was first published in 1998. The app was developed in recognition of the evolving educational needs of students and their growing preference for digital learning tools.

The AHEAD UPCAT Reviewer App consists of practice questions focused on subject matters covered in the UPCAT: Language Proficiency, Mathematics, Science and Reading Comprehension. Not only will app users be able to improve their test-taking skills, they will also get to increase their UPCAT knowledge.

As with AHEAD’s other pioneering review materials, the AHEAD UPCAT Reviewer App is the result of the concerted efforts of the center’s best tutors, experienced educators, and top lecturers, making the app fun, interactive and effective.

The app is a helpful tool for UPCAT test-takers. As Llenado points out, however, “Nothing beats a solid program that exposes the students to actual testing conditions, gives them the opportunity to learn from and interact with qualified teachers, and trains them to apply effective test-taking strategies, which is what the actual AHEAD UPCAT Review offers.”

A free trial version of the app is available at the Apple Store for those who want to do some brain exercises. To access the paid version, students have to buy ePINS from authorized payment centers, including Load Central and selected AHEAD branches. It will also be accessible on Android devices soon.

Neil Elpusan, Megamobile’s Manager for Apps Development, says “Innovations create impact when they truly make things better. Inquirer has proven to be at the forefront of both delivering quality content and also creating innovative ways to connect to its readers. Now, the leading newspaper is also blazing trails in making educational content more interactive for students. Ahead, with its unparalleled content, and Megamobile, with its expertise in digital technology, bring the Ahead UPCAT mobile app reviewer.”

Here’s where one can download the mobile app:

Students can call (02) 426-0034 to 36; text 0917-89AHEAD(24323); or email for Ahead-related concerns.

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