It seems time has stood still for schools within Metro Manila in light of the declaration of suspension of classes due to the lockdown for the entire region due to the threat posed by COVID-19. Because of the suspension, some schools have resorted to holding online classes for their students, in order to help them keep up with their lessons.

This is also true for tutorial services and review programs. Since the cancellation of classes also means the cancellation of tutorials for students, tutorial services such as AHEAD Tutorial and Review had to adapt by reintroducing online tutorials as well. But worry not, just because we’re switching to a less “personal” form of tutorials does not mean the tutorial quality will  decrease. In fact, online tutorials have their own benefits. 

Online Tutorials Offer a Flexible Schedule

Online tutorials allow both tutee and tutor to have a more flexible tutorial schedule than what their regular tutorials would. Before, tutorials could only be held during the morning or in the afternoon because these are the opening hours of most tutorial centers. Now, the tutee can now request a more convenient tutorial schedule, even in the evening. 

Online tutorials also allow tutors to be more readily available for the student whenever they need help. As they do not need to go to the tutorial center in person to tutor, the tutee just needs to email what subject/s they need help with and their available time.  With this information, the tutor can simply set up an online tutorial through software like TutorCruncher and Skype. With online tutorials tutorials are now more accessible for the tutee than before. 

This flexibility of schedule helps College Entrance Test (CET) takers, as it allows them to take their review classes anytime. Unlike traditional tutorials where the tutor and tutee has a fixed timeslot and could only meet for so long, online tutorials could be set up, as I said previously, even at night so that the tutee’s questions are still fresh from their mind. However, reviews still have to be held class-style as much as possible to simulate the time-pressure element present in these tests.

Another benefit of online tutorials is that they can help non-traditional students. For instance, online tutorials can be a viable method of assisting homeschoolers preparing for the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT). Also, online college students, like those in UP Open University or AMA Online Education, can get help for their problem subjects.

Online Tutorials allows Tutors to Teach Anywhere

Not only does online tutorials allow for a more flexible timetable for the tutor and the tutee, but it also allows tutorials to be conducted almost anywhere. As I mentioned before, online tutorials made going to the tutorial center unnecessary so that means as long as you have a stable internet connection and a gadget that allows for video calls, such as a laptop or a smartphone, you can do tutorials. This allows tutors and tutees, especially now with the threat of COVID-19, to hold tutorials on the safety of their homes.

Online Tutorials are the Future

Even if there is no threat from COVID-19, being able to tutor anywhere affords tutors and tutees a better balance between tutorials and leisure.This is especially important during summer, as students who are preparing for CETs are probably also trying to find time to relax and go somewhere for their vacation. For example, seniors on vacation can still keep up with the review lessons by taking an online tutorial with their tutors. All he/she needs is to bring his/her review materials, a laptop or any gadget that can do video calls, and a stable source of internet, and they are all set for their tutorials. 

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